Jigsaw Destiny

I’m told we’re all unique. We are all social misfits.

Instead, I see piles of jigsaw pieces sorted by theme -by groups they belong to. Next, they are formed into their small, cohesive sections of the lake, the shoreline, or the border.

I suspect people of altering their edges in envy. They want to fit in. “Oh, the sky is beautiful! Look how bright and happy they all are up there!” Or, “I want to be deep and dark like the water.”

Borders are fine, skies are lovely, the trees in the background are mysterious. However, the picture will not be whole unless they all come together.

If you feel stress on the arms of your cut, or you don’t quite interlock: maybe you don’t belong in just one scene. You’re the piece between; sky and water, border and shoreline.

You’re the crucial missing piece we all need, finally found under the rug, that completes the fractured world.


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