Meop Rorrim

noisserpxe yoc sti ,ecaf ruoy ees I
.nwo ym ot sdrawkcab yltcaxE
;keehc a nrut uoy ,worb a esiar uoY
.ecnad gnimim ym ni wollof I

I see your face, its coy expression
Exactly backwards to my own.
You raise a brow, you turn a cheek;
I follow in my miming dance.

gnivruc depahssim rieht ,srae ruoy ees I
yrtemmys neve gnitpmettA
gnilggig ;gnivom ,gnilggiw ecitcarp uoY
.dnuos a tuohtiw gnola hgual I

I see your ears, their misshaped curving
Attempting even symmetry.
You practice wiggling, moving; giggling.
I laugh along without a sound.

ni sdia ti kniht uoy ;lwocs uoy ees I
.neddih eb tonnac tahw gnidiH
,uoy ees em ees seye gniborp ruoy hguohT
.lla ruoy stcelfer weiv eye-ssalg yM

I see you scowl; you think it aids in
Hiding what cannot be hidden.
Though your probing eyes see me see you,
My glass-eye view reflects your all.

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