Fairy Tale Life

Once upon a time, there was a poor homemaker who barely had enough time to wash the clothes or dress her children. She never seemed able to sweep her kitchen floor.

One night, as usual, she cleaned enough dishes to make it through the following meal, dressed the children and got them to bed, then started some laundry and fell asleep quite late.

The next morning, she was surprised to find that a small army of ants had cleaned all the crumbs off the floor for her!

If you think she’s going to make them little outfits in gratitude, though, you’re reading the wrong fairy tale.

9 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Life

  1. She left her toy. She never got to play with it. There is a chocolate heart that’s broken apart in the refrigerator. A poltergeist toys with it.

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      1. A baby died soon after birth and has come back to haunt them. They bought toys for her that were never used.
            I was trying to do something similar to the Hemingway’s extreme short story:
        “For Sale: Baby shoes. Never used.”

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