Carrot Mistake

Carrot Cake

There it sits, upon a plate:
It may be cake, but it’s cake I hate.

Who was first to see a root
And put it where one should mix a fruit?

Raisins do not count this time
Since they’ve barely made my list of “likes.”

If your cake needs added sweets,
Try not adding dirty veggie treats.

“I see your point,” you might say,
“But my recipe makes doubters sway.”

“I especi’lly aim to please,
“By whipping a frosting of cream cheese.”

Citing that was a mistake;
Carrots, raisins, cream cheese: baked
Are the ingredients that take my cake.


Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.

unsplash-logoJoseph Gonzalez

16 thoughts on “Carrot Mistake

  1. Yes! Carrots are lovely in a savoury meal, but cake? Bizarre.
    But I won’t have a word said against raisins. There isn’t a meal on earth that wouldn’t benefit from added raisins.
    Oh, hang on, I’ve thought of one: fish & chips.
    OK, so a lot of meals are better with raisins (muesli, coronation chicken, couscous, hot cross buns, Christmas pud), but carrots should know their place.

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