Arthur Dent, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, explains that he “never could get the hang of Thursdays.” For me, it’s Wednesdays.

Midweek is not only Hump Day. It’s also our Garbage Day and my all-articles-are-due-by-noon Deadline Day. And, silly as it is to complain about, my two hour house cleaner is due to arrive.

The cleaner is part of my recent attempts to not be depressed anymore. You know, because cleaning is depressing. I’m not entirely sure it’s working, however, since my overall problem is that I procrastinate and then explode.

universe-2151332_1920Yep, like that.

So…. Wednesday is really Meltdown Day. Meltnesday. Meltdownesday?

As usual, I woke up after trying to stay up late finishing stuff and now feel like I have to clean the whole house so the cleaner can see the floor to mop it and then finish typing 500-word-each content articles that are so boring I want to get in a car accident on the way home from taking children to school just to avoid it and then watch the garbage truck drive right past my house because
++++++to set out the cans last night

Plus, it’s our Birthday Season. But, maybe most days are actually like this. Even in Australia.

11 thoughts on “Wednesday

      1. The worst part is that it rarely is MY stuff that I’m dealing with. I think everyone else just puts stuff off and then dumps it on me to fix. 😦

        One of these days I want to go to work and actually do what I intend to do that day…

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  1. As a World Class Professional Procrastinator myself, I feel I must say a few words to boost my craft. Us gold medalists like to say “to hell” to most things. Be it bin day, gym day or let’s be honest even changing our underpants days, there’s aaaallllways something better to do. The important thing is tho (and I’m letting you in on a few trade secrets here) is that you take the guilt and discreetly sweep it right out the front door while the neighbors are looking the other way. Then reassure yourself with a large portion of your favourite snack that you’re much happier for living the Procrastinator way. Keep your eyes open…my mantra may soon appear on a billboard near YOU!

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