I guess I thought raising children would be more like raising houseplants.

…Except, I can’t keep houseplants alive, either.

Maybe more like completely self-reliant, robotic animals that don’t cost a fortune and never make a mess -ah, forget it. I’m screwed.

Dying Tree

unsplash-logoSam X

9 thoughts on “Meltdownesday

  1. This post is hysterical! I believe that every mother has had these feelings at one time or another. I remember with my first one thinking, “Holy cow, babies need way more attention than I ever imagined.” And then I recall looking at that adorable bundle of joy and feeling so much love UNTIL I had to shower, or go to the bathroom, or wanted to talk on the phone… and there wasn’t any time for that. No “me” time or down time. I hadn’t anticipated that I would stop having a life because of all the demands of motherhood. The great news is… that they do grow up. It balances out in the end. Now a days, I don’t see them as often as I’d like. They are grown and busy working or raising their own children…Is it karma for all the times I wanted to hide to get a moment to myself? The reality is that parenting in real life isn’t at all like the perfect families on TV. Raising plants is a whole lot easier. If plants die you just buy another one to replace it. Hang in there….

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  2. Can I suggest a rock? Or if you want something a bit more domesticated you could try a house brick. No worries, maintenance, untimely death, hassle from social services.
    But you may trip over it or stub your toe, so there’s still a bit of effort required. 🙂

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