Reflecting on the Future


My grandparents had a mirror in their bathroom, opposite another mirror on parallel walls. I could see myself in a hundred rooms in a hundred rooms.

Sometimes I walk where memory shadows still linger: a former neighborhood sidewalk, a street route I drove when I first earned my driver’s license, that base of a tree where I sat with my love in that park.

I see me in the past and even remember the thoughts and feelings of those moments. I think how I will walk there again in the future, and wonder what I will feel then.


unsplash-logoAlessio Lin

2 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Future

  1. Lovely! One of the most interesting experiences I ever had was in my grandparents house. They had a huge dining room table and I had been in that room numerous times as a child. One day I walked in there as an adult and I suddenly had this flash of memory wherein I saw the room exactly from a child’s POV. Then I had been looking up at a huge table; now I stood next to it looking down. The most deja vu moment of my life! It’s amazing what we remember from the course of our lives, but even more amazing what we forget.

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