G2K: Get to Know

I don’t talk much about me, but the sons have gone to bed and so must I… So, now seems a good time to answer Revenge of Eve’s G2K questions:

Who does the cleaning in your home?
Since I do nothing outside the home to earn money, I am the defacto maid around here. I have recently hired a house cleaner to come every other week for two hours to help alleviate depressive episodes. So far, I rush to clean so that she can clean -so I’m not certain how helpful this experiment is.

What pets do you have?
We own one betta fish at the moment. His name is Toothless. Technically, he belongs to my son as part of one of those agreements to show how responsible he can be (the son, not the pet). It’s a good thing he’s a hardy fish.

When did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
I was the sweet, young, innocent age of 16 when my now-husband asked me on our first date. The rest is history, mostly because there’s not enough time or readers’ attention span to go into the sordid happy details.

And, I haven’t had a first girlfriend. Not that sort, anyway.

Where do you live?
In a house.

How did you decide on your career?
Welp, my husband couldn’t grow babies so that’s pretty much how I landed this mothering job.

Why do you blog?
I originally set out to write online because I had a strange burst of self-confidence culminating in the erroneous notion that what I wrote might appease every person in the world and get me (ensuing) worldwide acclaim and riches.

Since then, I’ve found a lovely community of excellent writers, sympathetic peoples, similar perspectives, different perspectives, and mutual respect and encouragement.


Thanks to Revenge of Eve for posing these questions. You can follow along next time she posts another G2K, as well!

4 thoughts on “G2K: Get to Know

  1. I love your candid answers. I hope you are able to step away each Monday to participate. Thank you for participating this round.

    Liked by 1 person

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