Sunday Short

The crocodile had a problem.

No, it wasn’t that she felt socially shunned. The latest court ruling had ensured that all major amphibious predators could finally slink about the public streets without reprimand. Irwin vs. The Reptilia had seen to that.

She sighed, and looked at her beautiful, green, scaly feet.

Now that she was an accepted member of society, she wanted to dress like it. But where was she possibly going to get a matching purse, without looking like a complete cannibal?


unsplash-logoJackson Jost

9 thoughts on “Sunday Short

    1. I think I remember something in the cartoon “Alice in Wonderland.” πŸ™‚
      No -it just came out. Possibly, crocs and reptiles were on my mind because we booked a flight with a layover in Florida… πŸ˜‰
      Another great crocodile reference is Shel Silverstein’s poem, now that you mention it.

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