Lost Receipt

Oh no, he thought.

Those jalapeños. Why had he eaten those jalapeños? Why had he eaten all those jalapeños in the jar?

Oooh, no, he thought.

That girl. Why had he talked to that girl? Why had he talked to that hot girl in front of Gary, who then convinced him that consuming a jar of peppers would impress her?

Oh! no! he thought. Oh, no no no!

This lane. Why had he moved into this lane of traffic? Why had he moved into this far lane of traffic when he clearly needed access to the nearest public toilet?

Oh no no no no no no no! was all he could think-

-as he forced his way through blowing horns and into the nearest Tesco lot. He vacated his car, located the public facilities, and placated his internal turmoil.

Oh no, he realized, upon exiting the toilet.

Breakfast. Why hadn’t he eaten breakfast? Why hadn’t he eaten a healthy breakfast when he’d clearly dined poorly the night before?

A few minutes later, an innocent shopper found his discarded receipt. “Müller rice and a loose banana, eh? Hmmm….”

Click here to play along with Fractured Faith Blog‘s first-ever flash fiction challenge thingie!

There ya go, Stephen. Can’t say I never did nothin’ for nobody…

31 thoughts on “Lost Receipt

        1. Also… you’ll figure this one out since you’re a clever, famous blogger… I tend to stop reading the blogs who post every single prompt answer they get since it clogs up my already-clogged-up Reader.
          The Carrot Ranch one I follow also set up a form for people to submit their stories into so that Charli (the founder) wouldn’t have to continually be editing and formatting each entry.

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  1. Being across the pond from you, I’m afraid I had to look up Muller rice. I have often heard a related saying, down in New Mexico where I grew up. “You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream”. Well, not all of us. After a lot of practice, I’m fairly immune to jalapenos. Alas, that doesn’t impress anyone I know. However, I’m still taking Stephen’s advice, and following quirkily. If Wilbur Scoville was still with us, I’m sure he would follow too.

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