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  1. Lesleykluchin September 12, 2018 / 10:54 am

    Thank you for reminding me of that quote! Sometimes I forget that age is just a number and our limitations cannot squash our dreams, ambitions or our goals for the future.

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      • Lesleykluchin September 12, 2018 / 11:51 am

        No need to convince… you are still very young so you have a great deal of time to achieve your dreams. I have to work a bit harder to remember that I have to finish my novel and keep writing my blog, and creating curriculum, because at my age I truly don’t have forever. But you do. Right now you are home with little ones. Trust me, that won’t last for eternity (it just feels like it now) and you will have loads of time to accomplish everything you want to do. Hell, I’m 69 and writing a novel, a blog, and writing educational curriculum for schoolboard and a local foundation. No, I am not dancing on broadway, but I AM working on other goals. LOL Keep going for it. I think you are doing wonderful things with your blog alone.

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          • Lesleykluchin September 12, 2018 / 12:38 pm

            Oh my! Thank YOU. I am happy to inspire. I suppose it is the teacher in me. Even retired, I feel the need to encourage talented people. Quite honestly, if I didn’t feel you had talent I wouldn’t tell you to follow your writing dreams. But you are VERY talented. Truth be told there are a couple of very nice people on wordpress who blog… but I cringe when I read their work. YOU are terrific, so please know that writing is something you can do while your kids are little and for the rest of your life. I went back to writing while home with my youngest son when he was very sick. (He was born early and had some complications. He grew up fine and is totally an amazing adult.). I was only able to stay home with him for about 8 months, but during that time I joined Florida Romance Writers and Mystery Writers of America. That really helped me stay focused and be around talented people. We didn’t have internet blogs in the 90’s so I went to monthly meetings and yearly writers’ conventions where they had top notch writers giving workshops for the price of admission. So I’d get to meet all my favorite writers, listen to an hour lecture by most of them, and spend a day or two in writing heaven. I also entered a few writing contests they had. I’d submit ahead of time and they would critique them in a workshop and go over their choice of winners. These were writers on the NY Times bestseller list. What a treat!!! I won a couple of the contests which was very cool. So you CAN do things. I never could go for a weekend, but I would pay for a day and go and what I learned was so meaningful. I am sure there are local chapters in most areas of the country. I was in my 40’s in the 90’s and thought I was old until I met so many women much older than I still writing and getting published. It inspired me to keep at it. So, I am telling you to do just that. Don’t lose hope amidst the mundane life of children, laundry and cooking dinner. The world of fiction is out there for you where you can be a superstar!!!!!!! Go for it!!!!

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