Take Me as I Am

Take me as I am

I am
They run deep. and strong. and personal.

I am
I have hormones. and instincts. and issues.

I am
I love words. a clever joke. or a math puzzle.

I am
With small eyes. a big nose. a few imperfect teeth.

I am
I make mistakes. have flaws. feel embarrassing moments.

I am
I am! I am! I am!

I am me, and am not another

Take me as I am

And stop apologizing.


16 thoughts on “Take Me as I Am

  1. I wish I had your courage
    The courage to stand before you bare
    To tell you who I am
    Able to the world, I am me!
    Not what they seem to think

    But alas I do not have the courage
    No bravery inside
    A shell of nothing and no one
    Who am I?
    Only you can decide

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