17 thoughts on “Whose Error?

  1. Years ago at work we had a printer with a name of Diablo. I maintained it was aptly named. The likelihood it would malfunction was directly correlated to how much you needed it not to malfunction. Somewhere along the line computer/printer-makers wised up and didn’t broadcast the evil in the names. Doesn’t mean it isn’t still there, though.

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      1. I rarely have any issues with my apple products. I have a Macbook pro laptop, iPad pro and iPhone. The only time I have had issues is when I haven’t updated my devices. Then they might run slow. The school system used apple so I got used to it and now I would never go to another device. I even have apple TV.

        Plus apple care is there to get you through any tech issues. I love my apple products. But then again, I think I have become a tech whore. LOL

        My youngest son (the one who makes movies) swears by apple products and wouldn’t use anything else. He uses his apple watch on set but has his iPhone ten in his pocket while he is filming. At home he sets up scenes for the next day on his Macbook Pro and emails or texts the actors and film crew where they need to be and what time etc. You can’t make mistakes or have mess-ups when you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every day filming. So, I respect his judgement in what he uses on tech products. Just saying’…

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