Blogging, Blogging, LOOK AT ME! Problems

The irony is not lost on me that I’m posting this directly after observations of phone narcissism. Problem is, I’m sort-of, kind-of, often saying that I’m writing a book. -All right! I’m at least writing, okay?!

I got on WordPress because the wonderful crowd of social-junky peeps on Facebook were giving my ramblings over there a lukewarm response. I had a few loyal, wonderful, intelligent, devoted, absolutely fantastic fans -and I love that handful more than I love myself. But the real-time responses of my ‘friends’ were killing my self-esteem.

I’ve told this story before. My wiser, better-looking, very talented actual friend said I need to move over to a blog. And she was right. I *sniff* love you guys who read my blog posts.

You’re just not thousands of adoring fans pouring over here from everywhere. Okay -I’m kidding.

Over a year of blogging has taught me how things work, and I’m cool with that. I have a very long reader’s feed of wonderful material to get through every day and can stop anytime I want but right now I just need a poem or two then I’ll get to my WIP…

As such, I started another blog specifically to promote The Book That May Come to Be Sometime Before My Death. I joined *shudder* Twitter. I’ve searched, followed, commented, and created another Reader’s feed of amazing articles I love reading and can quit reading anytime…

But it’s discouraging. Everyone wants to be read and hardly anyone wants to do the reading.

Twitter is the worst indicator of this: tweet after tweet after re-tweet after ad. Noise, noise, noise, noise, NOISE! I know that I need to join the cacophony. I need to keep trying, shout louder or funnier, or woo the poor just-starting-out blogger because s/he actually pays attention to comments.


I suppose I’m still attached to my writing. I put a lot into stories like What’s the Point? then send my babies off all teary-eyed, knowing no one will read them because they’re not at the top of the pile when I start getting people to investigate who is following them.

That, and I’m a bit frustrated at finding like-minded, like-themed sites. My WIP is about motherhood, and so many parenting blogs are clickbait. And if anyone knows about that sort of site, it’s someone like me who worked 8 months creating that kind of crap.

Makes sense, I suppose. I’m barely finding time to write because I’m too busy with actual life so others in the same sort of boat are only going to send up a flare or two if there’s a chance money will come raining down in the ashes.

I know, I know: get off my (extremely) sore coccyx and stop whining. Thanks for listening, anyway. Sometimes it’s just good to get things off my mind and out where millions of people can read my complaining.

I love you guys.

20 thoughts on “Blogging, Blogging, LOOK AT ME! Problems

  1. I hear ya, Chelsea. My original novel has been on hold while I blog and do uni work. I’ve changed course now and I’m combining my Indesign experience with my D&D experience and writing a D&D book of adventures, which will be finished by Christmas. I seem to be more motivated doing stuff I’m actually enjoying lol. Funny, that… 😉

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  2. Well hey your arse is sore so it makes sense you’re hopping about a bit. The bruises will go and the readers will come. You right good, or are a good write or something – I enjoy your stuff and I’m known to be a judge of sophistication and discernment. So keep it up. Even when it seems a thankless task. And if the book is as good, indeed half as good as your musings then I’ll buy it. So that’s at least one sale that’s not to someone with your name. That’s success yay!

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  3. Remember that with the POD world, you can gather a collection of your best posts on a given topic and easily publish your own book. Since everything’s already written, editing it for publication shouldn’t be too hard.

    I haven’t tried it myself, but suspect we could derive some encouragement from it.

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