The Most Sleep-Deprived Time of the Year

My apologies. I just realized that I announced the ending and the winners of The Terrible Weekly Poetry Contest a day early.

The reason is that I thought today was Friday. I’m not sure which Friday because I am so exhausted lately it ought to be illegal for me to even run a washing machine.

…I tried.

Anyway; again, my apologies. No one pointed the mistake out, though, so maybe I’m not the only writer needing a long winter’s nap.

This all ties into something I meant to mention at my weekly wrap-up on Wednesday, which is that I will not be writing a Wilhelmina Winters nor Skinwalkers story next week. I will post the next Skinwalkers tomorrow, and keep the other days for whatever strikes my fancy.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas, especially if you do not read another message from me till after it’s all unwrapped and done.


27 thoughts on “The Most Sleep-Deprived Time of the Year

  1. It’s almost (2 hours away) Saturday where I live – so I didn’t notice that Friday wasn’t there in your neck of the woods. If you’d like to know the lottery numbers in advance I can tell you, provided I get 50%. Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year, Chelsea & family.

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  2. A little something for your terrible Xmas verse, to the tune of While Shepherds watched…

    Will Shepherd wore
    his crocs and tights
    Which cost him just a pound
    Until Ben, the transphobic elf
Said ‘word has got around.’

‘We think you’re weird,’
    He said aloud,
‘To dress up like a girl.’
‘Ha, this?’ said Will, with half a shrug,
    And a cheesy little twirl.

    Will Shepherd added
    Silver wings
    And sparkles to each cheek,
    ‘I’m now a Christmas angel, see
    With gifts for mild and meek.’

    Ben shook his head
    And frowned a lot,
    ‘What do you think you’re at?
    ‘It takes a girl to wear the wings
    And the bloke to wear the hat.’

    ‘Oh Ben, Dear chum,
    You’ve got it wrong,
    In this more liberal age.
    A bloke can be a fairy too
    And girls can be the mag(i).’

    ‘Well I ain’t pleased,’
    Said Ben again
    ‘Even if Superman’s pants are
    On the outside. See at least
    A bloke will always be our Santa.’

    ‘Well that is true,’
    Agreed young Will,
    ‘For girls are ever a’feared
    To find that though they’re equal now
    It’s the boys what grows the beard.’

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