The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

Greetings peoples!! Welcome to the eighth installment of The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest.

If you are like most poets, you probably write too well to consider entering. Don’t worry; just read “How To Write Terrible Poetry.” After that, follow these rules:

  1. The topic is Dumb Managers. I felt inspired on behalf of a friend.
  2. For length, I’m good with short. Keep it under 150 words.
  3. Rhyme if you want. I’m not forcing anyone.
  4. WRITE TERRIBLY! Though we may cheer that incompetence is receiving its comeuppance, we must also be made to cringe.
  5. Don’t get too carried away, but I’m upping the rating to PG-13.

You have till 8:00 a.m. MST next Friday (January 11, 2019) to submit a poem.

I’m trying out this submission form again. Not sure I like it, so you may also leave your entry or a link to it in the comments.


9 thoughts on “The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

  1. My dumb manager (with footnotes to aid scholars)

    My manager is really dumb.
    Oh bum.
    What a wonderfully dumb manager is my manager.
    I haven’t turned up for work in three years and she hasn’t noticed yet.
    Heck. (Footnote: “Heck” almost rhymes with “yet”).
    I love my dumb manager.
    When I married her I knew she would overlook my attendance
    in order to get independence.
    Isn’t that funny? (Footnote: “funny” rhymes with “money” but I was unable to fit the word “money” in).
    I am now going with my dumb manager to Honolulu
    so don’t poopoo (Footnote: “poopoo” rhymes with “Honolulu”) my dumb manager.
    I said to my dumb manager, “I just know ya
    can’t wait to say aloha.”
    Hurrah for my dumb waitress manager!

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  2. I flexed the terribleness from deep within. Here’s my crack at it.

    The Misguided Manger

    He has this book, he said.

    It’ll revolutionize our corner on the market.

    He said.

    I sighed. Someone next to me cried. I do not lie. We did not want to try his newfangled ideas, I surmised.

    “We’ll make frappucinos better, our Eggs Benedict delicious-ier. We shall be be known as the restaurant that stole brunch!”

    Fry. Sizzle. Pop. Smear. Toast. Serve.

    Clink, clink, clink. Receipt, receipt, receipt.

    “Still we forgot one thing. We never advertised, did we?”

    Munch, munch, munch. The same old bunch.

    Lovely they were, but the same old bunch.

    Lunch, lunch, lunch.

    Come get the brunch!


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  3. These are so much fun, Chelsea. Here’s my entry. It’s probably not terrible enough, but it was fun to write. (I didn’t mean to use the submission form, ignore that if it worked.)

    The Mutually Exclusive Manager

    Work ‘til five, no overtime
    But get that project done

    He hopes that you enjoy your work
    But growls if you’re having fun

    Work, work, working for a crumb
    I got a headache, working for a bum
    Wish I could quit, my manager’s dumb

    He hires on the cheap
    Then gripes about training

    Moans that my attitude stinks
    But does nothing but complaining

    Work, work, working for a crumb
    I got a headache, working for a bum
    Wish I could quit, my manager’s dumb

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