How to Win Friends and …Nevermind

I am not very good at making friends.

Or, maybe I am and don’t know it.

Reassuring people on places like Facebook (who do not stay to talk long in person) tell me that everyone feels the way I do. They say that they like me and, no, I do not have a smell or an annoying habit or whatever.

Then, as I said, they don’t hang around.

I think, in fact, they are wrong about their assertions. -Though not about the smell. I shower and deodorize and even use girly-spritz most days.- I think I do have an annoying habit and I am a whatever.

My annoying habit is that I am socially defunct and that I kind of want to be. Whilst simultaneously envying the cluster of blonde-dyed women who have all had Botox and wear Size 4 or lower, I also …well, you see what I do. I judge. I think it even shows in my face because what’s internal becomes external for me. No, I am not a good poker player.


What I am not sure about is whether this envy/judging plays a part in my other behaviors or if I am just trying to ‘be me’ (another terrible suggestion). In this case, I refer to my discussing subjects that are more interesting than whoever is pretending to be The Bachelor or what piece of whitewashed antique barnwood Joanna Gaines is using this week.

Further, I am not sure if I eschew things like barnwood because of my fierce desire to be unique and, most definitely, not ever be classified as a typical woman; or if I really don’t like those things.

Some times I go to social functions and feel things are going well. I listen to a willing woman’s life stories and, occasionally, am able to broach a more advanced topic. More than once when this happened, my conversation partner remarked, “You’re a deep thinker.”

Deep thinker? Does that make them a shallow thinker? A not-thinker?

There I go being judgy again. I guess I just need to turn that off. Or, start watching more shows about bachelors.

Are you a social butterfly? An outcast? A ‘deep thinker?’ What do you think about The Mystery of Socializing?


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55 thoughts on “How to Win Friends and …Nevermind

  1. I really am exactly the same… I want to want friends, I think sometimes I really do want friends until I see the other mums avidly discussing who won the most recent reality show and I quietly step to the side and carry on reading discreetly on my phone.

    I think perhaps, we need to find people more like us, who we can be judgey around, who won’t care if we don’t know who currently has the most likes on instagram.

    Slightly off topic but, what IS small talk? Really, how does one do that?

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    • I relate to that, though an ongoing need for authenticity causes a lot of what I feel and think to seep through. 🙂

      Normal? Probably. I know many ‘helpful’ sources say it’s not, but I think they’re suggesting the behavior’s not necessarily ‘healthy,’ instead.

      We all need a way to get through life and will adapt accordingly, right?


  2. Great post. I don’t know what I am. Increasingly social awkward definitely. People always seem to see me differently to my own perception. I wake up somedays dreaming of that huge social network of friends and meet-ups. But at the end of the day I have retreated into dreams of deserted islands and isolation.

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  3. Hmm. I think I can only answer your question as “then” and “now.” Then, in my younger years, I was socially awkward and always felt “misplaced” – in every sense of the word. I wanted to be one of those Bachelor-loving flouncy girls who knew all about the latest fashion and loved to shop. But it wasn’t me, AT ALL and therefore it never felt comfortable. I was a trapezoid trying to fit into a round hole. Then, with age and time… I just stopped caring about all that and accepted me as I am – a bit of a recluse, but someone who enjoys enriching (deep) conversation, a woman who couldn’t care less about the Bachelor or what the Kardashians are up to, a person who doesn’t change out of her pajamas for five days and doesn’t care. 🙂 Perhaps it’s judgy, but I like to think of it as exercising my choices. There is nothing wrong with being who we are. 😀

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  4. Oh my goodness!! You’ve just described me!! I’m so sorry, but I too have a tendency to be a bit of a judger …. arghhh! There, I’ve said it. Although, I have to say, I am fairly convinced that everyone judges, it’s just that we are brave enough, or daft enough to admit it. One thing that I have found though which has rather thrown me a bit, is that the happier I am, the less I judge. So at the moment I’ve got a load of really exciting, interesting stuff going on and have as a consequence of this, been having to meet masses of new people. And instead of being my usual judgy person, I’ve totally embraced it. I’ve spent hours talking to them. Chatting, being silly, having fun and opening up. They clearly think I’m slightly unhinged because the happier I am, the more excitable I become; and I’ve been quite excitable of late. I do have to keep reminding myself to calm down. But of course in a group of 15 or so other women there’s always going to be some who one doesn’t really ‘gel’ with, so I’ve just sort of found others to chat to instead. Previously I’d have been thinking pretty awful thoughts. I’m absolutely certain that for me (you’re definitely more sane than me so this is probably completely different for you), but for me, if I am happy in my life then I don’t judge negatively. Ultimately, and I’m really ashamed to admit this, but I think my judgements were because I was jealous … just a teensy, little bit. Ok quite a lot. No wonder for so many years I was such a loner, I probably wasn’t very nice to be around. I was desperately unhappy, and angry and hurt and frankly I hated everyone. Gosh, I feel so much better having gotten that off my chest. Forgive me, I think I’ve just had a bit of a moment … I might even have to blog about it! You’ve inspired me! You superstar!! Anyway, I don’t see you as unhappy and I absolutely bet that you’re not as judgemental as I was …. you’re just too darn nice. Thank you so much for this post … I feel sooooo much better!!!

    As for small talk, it’s dull and superficial, however it’s a very useful skill and if it doesn’t come naturally, it’s something that can be learnt.

    Katie xxxx

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  5. Something I find helpful: “Fake it until you make it” and my own reminder “We are all children of God.”

    I’ve met more introverts as I’ve been older, and professional ones at that. One shared she developed a set of cards or questions to break out at social functions when conversations lag. Myself I know enough ASL to pretend I’m deaf. It’s very tempting at times…😉😊

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  6. Considering I’m at home reading this rather than at an office party, maybe I’m not the right person to weigh in…

    Bottom line is that I don’t enjoy those kinds of parties, the conversation usually held at them or any of it really. When I am forced to go to one, I manage, but I’m usually bored and uncomfortable until I can find a viable reason to depart.

    I’ve learned to cope with them, but not to enjoy them. After all these years, I’ve accepted that’s just who I am.

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  8. I usually get the “you’re too serious” line. More so when I was younger. Nowadays I think I just plain intimidate people. When I sense a stupid, or really just an insensitive or prying question start to twinkle in someone’s eyes, I just stare. I think I’m almost daring them to be rude? I’ve only done this once or twice but it’s surprisingly effective.

    And whenever I retake the Myers Briggs, I test as farther along on the introverted spectrum. I have true hermit goals. 😉😂😁

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