The Cure for Depression

Step right up, folks! Step right up!

Come feast your eyes on this marvelous tonic; right here, right now. What you may think is a simple bottle is actually the most secret of formulas from the Jungles of the East; from the hand of Marvelodijiling, the famed Healer and only man to live past 200 years of age without a health problem of any sort.

This is The Cure for Depression.

It is, indeed. You may shake your head at me, madame. You may wonder at the authenticity, young sir. I assure ALL that this product is exactly as it says. One simple dose each day will GUA-RAN-TEE to rid you of the woes of Depression.

Labelled glass bottles with various powders and liquids

…And if that sales pitch convinced you, then you and I need to have a long talk.

Actually, we can have a really short talk: Depression doesn’t work like that. For one, it isn’t “cured.” It is, however, a condition that CAN be managed once you learn the skills. This depends on the severity of symptoms and genetics and a whole crapload of stuff that would best be handled by a professional.

I am not a professional; at least, not that kind. I am merely a fellow sufferer with access to Google. I have, therefore, come up with a list:

1. Connect with a human.

2. Connect with a paid human; also known as a counselor, psychologist, therapist, and perhaps a psychiatrist.

3. Swallow that pill, if necessary.

4. Get up, then move.

5. Get outside.

6. Eat something healthy.

7. Do something that brings you real joy.

8. If it doesn’t fit in with #7, do something for someone.

9. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

10. Sleep, at sleeping times. Wake at morning times.

11. Follow a routine.

12. Meditate, pray, journal, etc.

13. Don’t get sloppy and don’t skip what works.

14. Never give up. (Never surrender.)

Whenever you’re in your cave, I’d like you to pull out this list. Grab one; do it. Maybe steal another after an hour of trying the first one.

Furthermore, I’m gonna help a brother/sister/broster/sisther out by writing individual articles about each of these ideas. It’ll be a tetradecalogy. Stick around; eat some chocolate.

Come for the treats, stay for the community, and live life for the future you.


Originally posted at The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog on May 28, 2018. I intend to publish one of these articles each week.


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Matt Briney


*Chelsea Owens is not a licensed anything, except a Class D driver in her home state, and shares all information and advice from personal experience and research.

35 thoughts on “The Cure for Depression

    1. My counselor today told me that the only guaranteed ‘cure’ for a negative mindset is to reset my negative neural pathway and stop spiraling. …So, there’s that.


  1. At the beginning I thought this was going to be an ad for cocaine or ecstasy, but then you turned it around into “go for a natural high,” which is at least 15% more wholesome. 10/10 would read again.

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  2. Good advice even for someone not suffering from depression, Chelsea! I am a proponent for self care in all the ways you’ve outlined. I was very stressed after I retired (I know, it seems so crazy) and meditation has helped me immensely. Also, getting my rest and following a routine (with a lot of flexibility – after all, I’m retired!) have been a mainstay. Connecting with humans – in person and on line – essential. I look forward to your series on this topic!

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  3. Fabulous post, Chelsea! Your list is right on the mark. If I could be so bold to add one more thing to it, I would say share a laugh with a friend. There are so many difficult things in life—best dealt with by seeing the humor all around us.

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