A Serious Question Concerning Hygiene

In my usual tradition for a Wednesday, I wish to delve into a rather serious topic: showers or baths?

You may think this topic isn’t very deep. You may think you will get clean away after reading. You may even think, a quick scrub and a rinse, and Chelsea’ll be on her way…

Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble bath; we’re going all in.

For one thing, I think one’s choice of one or the other is not as innocent as it seems. Preferring a sprinkle over a soak may point to deeper psychological issues or interesting character traits. Admitting to the long dip over the quick splash may mean more than an interest in ecology.

Think I’m trying to look too far past the surface?

Well! Let’s see. I mean, which do you prefer? Ask my neighbor round the block, and she will tell you she absolutely adores bathing. Ask my husband or I which we would pick and we’ll say, “Shower.”

If questioned further, however, I’d say I could do either. I pick the shorter method because of time constraints. Besides pressing matters at stake as a stay-at-home mother, I also have pressing fingers beneath the bathroom door if I’ve been away for longer than two minutes.

Actually, my husband may be in the same porcelain boat as me, since he showers as if it’s a bath. And turns the water hot enough to boil a lobster. He takes forever and comes out red. Someday I will write the futuristic sci-fi novel The Crustacean Man from Dimension S, and dedicate it to him.

I suppose this isn’t getting too psychological. I’ll just have to take more of each and let you know what other deep thoughts surface.

Until then, which do you prefer? Do you have a solid reason why? As an added query, how do you like your temperature?



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29 thoughts on “A Serious Question Concerning Hygiene

  1. Definitely shower. Why? Quicker? Less effort? Lack of interest in spending much time at it when I have better things to do? But then I’m like that with cooking and anything else that doesn’t interest me. It maybe has to be done, but I shorten the process as much as possible so I can return to “the good stuff”.

    Temperature? Warm. I’m very middle of the road…

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  2. At this stage of my life I prefer showers. I like steaming hot water and take nice long showers. However, when I was younger I’d enjoy a lovely long bath. A little wine, a good book…I think now the reason I don’t particularly want a bath is because I used to have this fabulous giant tub. Now in my condo it’s a small one and I’d rather enjoy my large comfy shower. Besides, as I get older having to get up out of a tiny tub seems like a feat I won’t be able to accomplish much longer. Lol so shower it is!

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    1. Excellent points all around!
      Our house has a big tub, but it’s also daunting to climb into and out of. When we first moved in, I suggested we should have built steps up to it. 🙂


  3. I use the shower for my annual wash as it saves having to clean the ring around the bath. And (seriously this time) I have it VERY hot and shower standing on one leg with one foot tucked into the inside of the other leg’s knee! I have no idea why!

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  4. Interestingly, I have a blog post in my drafts about “my first bath in 10+ years.” It’s been so long since I’ve had a bath rather than a shower that I don’t know the answer to any of the why.

    But yes, lobster boil. 100% yes.

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  5. In this house, it’s showers. Mostly because of time, though I could stand in the hot water for hours. 🙂 Baths make me think of human soup (ew – all that sloughed skin and dirt and oil). Hot tubs give me the “chills.”

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  6. Both. After exercise and with a 30 minute download to watch a hot bath. At my age the muscles concur. In a hurry – often – a shower. But a shower is only ever functional. A bath can be a pleasure. And both types of plug hole (though showers are worse) fill with long (in my house) female hairs and I’m the least squirmiest so get to unblock them. So much for a patriarchal society… ha!

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    1. I agree about relaxing muscles in a bath, though I don’t personally like to soak in my own sweat. 🙂
      As to the hairs, you need to pop a filter over your drain. I’m the one who cleans it ’round here.


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