Right Quite Not Something’s

.guru techno a

,you find ,else Or

.computer laptop your upon

files data your save to look Please

.intruders face to look please

;that only than more far Recall

.tears and scolds my recall

,door your at beckon strangers and

,clear not road’s the whene’er

:well me hear please ,child lov’ly My

.enlarge view your help to

show and guide and aid to seek I

;charge listen’ing my ,you to

knell warning a cry to seek I

,so And .pounce to ready

-lurks failure a where or when

know never may you ,For

;one dearest my life your Backupβ—€β—€


.Ranch Carrot for versed and ,rhymed ,mirrored ,Dreamed


34 thoughts on “Right Quite Not Something’s

  1. Leonardo da Vinci wrote like this in mirror (except the words were backwards as well) – you clearly are in good company. Actually, on a sensible note, I speed read everything, and your posting made me slow down and read it properly!

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    1. Perhaps I was inspired by your comment on my O’Snap picture. I don’t have a problem reading backwards so I was confused when you pointed it out. πŸ˜€

      Did you also start at the bottom of the poem?

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