Seasonal Perspectives


I stand
a moment
in frigid air
and hear a cheery bird chirp near
and think
Why does he play his song?
Does he not see the frosty fronds, the wintry trees, the sleeping ground?

I perch
a moment
midst warming breeze
and see a saddened person sigh
and think
Why would she moan and cry?
Does she not feel the stretching stalks, the budding leaves, the waking sounds?

And both
the bird and human
and go back home
to wonder why
the other must be bound.


Photo by Peter Lewis on Unsplash

23 thoughts on “Seasonal Perspectives

  1. I like your omniscient perspective. Or is it mixed perspective? I forget what the different types of narrators there are. Anyway, I enjoyed it.
        I know what the small birds think because I’ve spoken to them:

    I’ve always wanted to speak
    to the smaller birds, so
    I’ve done a lot of weird whistling

    Sometimes a little birdie cocks her head
    and tries to see if I’m a threat or a bird benevolent,
    but I’m neither a mate nor predator, just
    a conversationalist

    So I whistle something which means
    “give tomatoes to Owls, like Caesar.”

    And she says, “Huh, what? And
    for a Human you don’t look so bad
    even though you have no feathers.
    Why is it that you can’t fly?
    It’s so easy.”

    And I said, “Why is it that
    you can’t speak and write novels.”

    “Well, then,” it said, “have you written one lately?”

    And I said, “Um, no…”

    And it said in a way that I think it meant kindly that
    I was a birdbrain.

    Avian Translation

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