41 thoughts on “The Seedy Underbelly of Writing

  1. Well, it does sort of explain why so much of what is posted on the Internet is incoherent…

    Sorry you had such a terrible experience.

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  2. Wow! This is an eye opener. Pretty scary stuff. I know I would like to make money from my writing — I once did [ I’ve had five books published: educational titles] — but your experiences are a cautionary tale. I’m glad you’ve come out of it all right 🙂

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  3. You’re too patient Chelsea. Sounds like you got involved in a complete scam from start to finish. You probably wrote the perfect piece that was used by the client but they did not want to give you credit for it. Live and learn and move on. Let it act as a lesson for all of us.

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    1. I figured it could be one of those ‘do it now, get better work later’ things. He may have intended a scam from the start, but I believe he just doesn’t understand the customer. He’s too literal. He even sent me a copy of his conversation with the customer, and the guy is complaining about something I didn’t even write.

      I just wash my hands of the whole thing.


  4. Wow. Thanks for the firsthand account of what we all vaguely suspected. The only decent writing that appears in this genre of internet material… actually comes from genuine writers like yourself who are hoping to get a fair price for their labor. Then, often in short time, these genuine writers opt out of the morass. Only the unskilled remain, accounting for the fact that 98.6% of online copy is pitiful.

    I’m glad you freed yourself from the tar pit overseen by men like Barsha [a female name]. Thank you again for sharing your trial so others can avoid a similar disappointment.

    P.S. — I am confident you would even pass the English Level 2 exam!

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    1. I agree with you. It’s sad, really. :/

      Funny about the name. I just searched for a common male name and that came up.

      😀 I have passed level 2 as well, and disagree with the 95% score.


  5. Wow, what a wild story. I’d heard of Freelancer and I’ve often thought that that’s something I could do but I never have and now I’m happy that my laziness has kept me from the experiences you’ve had. I don’t understand renting accounts or why someone would want to do that. It’s like there’s a scammer and a scam around every corner. I’m glad you wrote to Freelancer to expose the fraud and thank you for the warning.

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    1. You might get lucky, if you pay for all their tests and their accounts and don’t apply for too many jobs and keep your wits completely about you…

      Freelancer says they will look into the specific accounts I mentioned …that’s all they can do. :/


  6. Glad you’re safe. There are scary people out there. On a lighter note, I recommend going to YouTube and typing in James Veitch, spam adventures. You’ll thank me later. 😉

    I really have a high respect for classical literature. Stories that took time to shape, and were not cookie cutter, empty calorie filler. I also get frustrated by the refuse hanging out around there, getting awards for being a flash in the pan. I like deep substance, thinkers and intelligent humor. We should form our own club. T-shirts and everything. 😉😁

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  7. Oh man, so sorry about this whole awful experience 😦 There is such an art to writing, and it almost feels like a personal invasion of values when you are cheated out of it I’m sure 😦 Thank you for bringing this to awareness though- I had no idea this all existed!!

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