I’d Like to Mouse Wheel a Motion


“Now, now, Mrs. Snigglewhiff; that’s hardly mouseylike. Would you please consider using the shavings over-

“MISTER Cheesebiter, if you wouldn’t mind-

“I say; what are you doing at that drink station? Refreshments are for after our-

“What is it, now, Whiskershins? …The Society for Capybara Welfare wishes to be heard? They’ll just have to submit their request in shavings like the rest of us!-

“My word! Will the ringtailed children kindly refrain from using the wheel till after our meeting has adjourned?-”


“I now call to order The Semi-Regular Meeting of Tame Rodentia. First item of business: queuing.”


Moused over for Carrot Ranch‘s writing prompt:

March 7, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a mouse. It can be real, imagined, electronic or whiskered. Go where the prompt leads!

Respond by March 12, 2019. Use the comment section below to share, read and be social. You may leave a link, pingback or story in the comments. If you want to be published in the weekly collection, please use the form.  Rules & Guidelines.


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30 thoughts on “I’d Like to Mouse Wheel a Motion

    1. “I can see the relation, Miss -what was it?- Arc. However, WE of the Tame Rodentia do not behave as unseemly as those on the Disney payroll. Can you imagine? Sewing dresses, out-boating crocodiles, and turning into horses? My whiskered grandmother would turn in her shoebox at the very idea!”

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      1. “My dear, I completely understand. Not all of us have the exceptional benefit package offered by Disney. We simply can’t afford to stake our health and reputations on such dangerous outings. My tail curls at the thought.”

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