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  1. Reminds me of Jordan Peterson who I follow on YouTube. He speaks about people who tell children, you are perfect never change. Telling anyone they should never change, especially the young, is bad advice. We should all strive to change and improve. Thoughtful quotes Chelsea.

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  2. The key is to stay true to yourself while also trying to continually enrich your ideas and learn new things. There are some old school elements of the past I still hang on to. (Like actually writing in sentences rather than texting through life.) But, I see many people my age afraid to use technology because they didn’t grow up with it, Or missing out on so many things because of stubbornness to live the way they used to rather than in the present. We have to stay current to survive.. We change as we age. However, the essence of who we innately are remains. I’ll always be a creative soul and never be a competitive athlete. But that doesn’t mean I should avoid trying a Zumba class. Lol
    I think we need to learn to try and move out of our comfort zone and see if we like new adventures. If we don’t then at least we gave it a shot. AND we also should accept the things we like about ourselves and want to keep. I don’t think you have to drop all of the past to accept the present. We need to blend our old experiences with everything new that comes our way.

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  3. I understand. For instance, I’ll never go mountain climbing. I’m afraid of heights. Some fears last a lifetime.Of course if you’ve ever read Brian Weiss (Many Lives Many Masters)it could be because I died that way in a past life. No sense looking for trouble in this one… 😳😉

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