I Actually Won Something

Great news! I won second place for the poem I submitted to the Annual Bloggers Bash!


…I’m a bit miffed that “Silent but Tardy” wasn’t a contender, but totally stoked that I actually won something! I’ve included the winning entry below, which I submitted from my motherhood site.


Five More Minutes

Five more minutes to sleep alone,
To dress in peace,
To check a phone.

Five more minutes to eat my food,
To eat it warm,
To eat it chewed.

Five more minutes to sit right here,
To read a book,
To disappear.

Five more minutes is not that long,
To feel the guilt,
To feel the wrong;


Five more minutes is what I seek

Five more minutes is all I need

Five more minutes, or maybe three,

Is all I long for, to just be me.


Photo Credit:
Jordan Whitt


Β©2019 Chelsea Owens

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          1. I’d have suggested you creep to the loo in the wee hours before dawn (maybe that’s why they’re called the wee hours πŸ™‚ ) but with a baby playing drums on your bladder you’ve got no chance of lasting that long πŸ˜‰

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