Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too


Thanks to Bereaved Single Dad for the tag to continue this Rory inspired epic.

The Mysterious Case of Twas Not Twas!

I am sure, well pretty sure NO, of course I am sure!
Twas not twas, twas not there before!
And yet, here I am looking upon it with widened eyes…
This thing that twasn’t, and yet now it twas a surprise!

Paula of Light Motifs II‘s Addition

When I told my friends what had transpired,
They laughed and said I must be a liar,
For things like THAT surely are not real;
Then it came back and said let’s make a deal.

Fandango of This, That, and The Other‘s Addition

So it wants to make a deal?
Well that does have some appeal.
I asked it, “Whatsit all about?”
And that twas when it started to shout.

Christine of Poetry for Healing

Yes, whatsit all about Alfie?
Do you have bats in your belfry?
Was it this or was it that?
I know ‘twasn’t tit for tat

Kristian of Tales of the Mind of Kristian

Are you following all this closely?
What’s that you say? Mostly?
Well then, you’re far cleverer than I,
When you inherit lunacy, embrace the sky.

Victoria of Just Sayins

Following your twas, I could not twist,
Did you all think, that I had missed?
Betwixt and between all of that,
I am quickly passing your baton back…

Carol Anne of Therapy Bits

What to say here
What to do
I am lost
So now I think its going to be down to you

Sadje of Keep it Alive

This craziness has gone on for far to long
The time has come to make some sense out of this song
If I hold this end of this insanity and you tug from your end
Do you think we can straighten it and make it look out of bend

Di of Pensitivity101

I found that thing lying in the dirt,
All I can say is that it hurt,
What came first? The chick or the egg,
Thank goodness it didn’t come out of my head!

Bereaved Single Dad

In Yorkshire we say a lot of Twas
We also talk a lot of Twaddle
In Germany they say es war
Which makes more sense by far

Chelsea Owens’ Addition

Yet Germans, though great when it comes to cars,
Sound more like mad choking when, “Ist es war.”
So; whether twas twixt, twain, or even twat
I think all this thinking is overwrought.


Now! Who’s up for adding the next four lines? Ruth, I choose you!

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  1. Well hey Chelsea , l am seriously impressed – but l am upset with WP once again, l thought this poem had died, because WP never displayed to me Gary’s Ping Back, and l wrongly believed l can see now that this poem had died. MM, now we have two of these poems on the go — well as they say the more the merrier – great addition 🙂


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