Another Pregnancy Announcement

I’m about 16 weeks along in my pregnancy. As such, the doctor offered a quick ultrasound peek to see whether a couple of dresses or a few more black eyes were in our future.


It’s a boy! Our new baby shower balloon hoops! Place on the cake table, next to the presents or use as a photo prop! …

It’s another boy. Number five. If half our kids had a higher potential height, we’d have a basketball team.

So far, they seem bent on Lord of the Flies mixed with Hunger Games -but- that’s childhood, right?

I’m up and past bleeding but still have “morning” sickness all day, every day. The baby’s heart rate and measurements look great every time. For now, we’re expecting him to be surgically removed from my abdominal cavity near the start of December.

44 thoughts on “Another Pregnancy Announcement

  1. Congrats to the lucky boy! Of course it would’ve been congrats to the lucky girl if that’s the way it went! My g-grandmother had eleven boys in a row before having a girl – so keep at it!!

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  2. Well Chelsea i can only say i have the deepest admiration for anyone going through what you are. I wish you the very best. And to think it won’t be long before your tribe learn to stop fighting each other and model themselves on the Goodfellas and gang up on you!!

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  3. Congratulations! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and that your nausea subsides and you are feel well. Little boys are the best! But, Watch, you’ll get all girls when these guys make you a grandma! Lol Take good care if yourself. Sending lots of hugs and good wishes. Xo

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  4. Congratulations Chelsea! Have they given a date in December? My youngest son was a Christmas baby. He was born during a 100 year blizzard that shut Denver, CO down! Maybe that’s why he’s been stormy ever since…

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  5. Congratulations on having a baby! They say when a child is born, the Earth is renewed with new hope. Thank you for making this world a better place as you bring an angel to this world! 🙂 Pregnancy is indeed a wonderful journey but also difficult at times. That’s why I created this article on my blog about some words of advice that strengthened me during my own pregnancy. Sharing this to you and hope it can strengthen you to! ❤

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