Another Liebster Thingie

Mathew of Blog of the Wolf Boy let me know he’d tagged me in a Liebster Award. He mentioned interesting questions, so I had to check it out….

So, here’re eleven facts about myself: female, tall, brunette, literate, sarcastic, alive, tired, hungry, creative, analytical, intelligent.

Mathew’s (interesting) questions with my responses:

  1. What number can you count to without taking a single breath?
    Right now, about 12. One of my current pregnancy side effects is shortness of breath. I’m practically asthmatic.
  2. How many push-ups can you do before you can’t do anymore?
    (See my answer to #1.)
  3. If you could clone one person in the world who would it be?
    I’d clone me, but only if I could include happier hormones and no desire to chase after my husband. Come to think of it, I’d better settle on an android.
  4. Would you clone yourself and would you trust your clone if you did?
    I guess I should have read through these questions first.
  5. Would you go into the ocean on a submarine?
    Nopity nopity no.
  6. Do you prefer to write on a laptop or with pen and paper?
    I prefer pen and paper, though not for composing. This dad-gum technological age has spoilt me and me hand gets tired.
  7. What’s a cherished childhood television show that you used to love but haven’t thought of in a while?
    “Today’s Special.”
  8. Whats a smell that you love?
    My husband wearing his Old Spice deodorant.
  9. Do you prefer green apples or red and sweet apples?
    I am not a sour person at all. I’m not big into too sweet, either, so I’d go halfway.
  10. If you could have the perfect dream and never wake up would you take it?
    Nope. Who’d remember to refill the toilet paper, for Pete’s sake??
  11. How many cats does it take before you start to be labeled as a crazy cat person?
    My son has a friend who owns 7 cats. The parents made it a point to let me know they were not crazy cat people, so I’d say the number’s somewhere around 3.

I’ve about run the gamut of bugging my followers with these, but maybe some newcomers need recommendations of who to follow. I therefore officially nominate:

-Ruth of Ruth Scribbles, the most awesomest and supportive friend a gal could ask for.

-P’Arc of Peregrine Arc, the most awesomest and supportive friend a gal could ask for.

-J of Thru Violet Lentz, the most awesomest and currently busy friend a gal could ask for.

-Gary of Bereaved and Being a Single Parent, the most awesomest dad and busiest blogger a gal could ask for.

-And all of my other followers, the most awesomest and supportive friends a gal could ask for.

I decided to pull your questions from the other awards I’ve participated in:

*What’s your favorite cheesy joke?
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*Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
*Why is it always the last place you look?
*Which storybook villain would always win a limerick competition?
*Given an infinite number of monkeys and typewriters, how soon before they realize typewriters are outdated and they’ll need to learn sign language?
*What is the best letter of the alphabet?
*Who is the most misunderstood nursery rhyme character?
*How much chocolate is too much?
*Who would win in a duel: chocolate volcano cake or bananas foster?


The Rules To Award:

Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
Share 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you
Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions
Notify your 11 nominees


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28 thoughts on “Another Liebster Thingie

      1. 😂 Why not have two Chelsea clones: One for the housework and one overtly sentimental one who’ll cry with you? You can start a band called the Chelseas with the sentimental one wailing and the optimistic one pounding on the drums. I can play bass if you want.

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          1. We broke up. I’ve started a new band though: The coulrophiliacs. We’re releasing our first two singles: Binky, Binky, Binky and Bone the Clown. We’re in your face punk. Lemme know if you want a ticket.

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  1. Thankyou oh great one. Son challenged me to do a post in either French or German. Might not do it on this one – probably a step to far for my knackered brain. But I will do an English (or Yorkshire) response. xx
    Old Spice – at uni I once rather foolishly drunk some. Tasted better than the cheap whiskey we could afford and my breath tasted lovely for days.

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  2. A little. German I learned using Linkword. So I have to imagine strange images to recall the words. For example German for lobster is hummer – so I have to recall an image of a lobster with a sense of humour. Takes me hours to come up with sentences.

    Brut was worse to drink than Old Spice….

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  3. Your responses are hysterical. I actually just came across this today! Yes I was hella busy all summer, but not so busy I meant to ignore your honorable mention here. Thanks for thinking of me- but I technically keep all my writing of the creative variety….

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