School Days, Reminiscences of Chelsea Owens

I finally buckled down to answer The Amazing Norah Colvin’s questions on my personal education! Check it out; and see top-secret, photographic evidence of my childhood.

Read Norah, too. She shares awesome educational resources.

Norah Colvin

Welcome to the School Days, Reminiscences series in which my champion bloggers and authors share reminiscences of their school days. It’s my small way of thanking them for their support and of letting you know about their services and publications.

This week, I am pleased to introduce Chelsea Owens. I first met Chelsea when she pulled up at the Carrot Ranch and joined in the flash fiction challenges. I enjoy her wry wit and sense of humour, some of which you’ll experience in her responses to my interview questions. It was also evident in her four creative and original entries in the Carrot Ranch Rodeo fractured fairy tale contest last year. Since I love fractured fairy tales and it was the contest that I judged, the connection was inevitable.

Before we begin the interview, I’ll allow Chelsea to tell you a little of herself:

I was born in Salt…

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22 thoughts on “School Days, Reminiscences of Chelsea Owens

  1. Good job. 🙂

    It’s the same here with tertiary education since PM Blair’s ambition to have 80% of children into university. Now they have debt since the government’s ceased paying student grants and allowing universities to charge high fees (that was always the case in US, am I right?).

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    1. Ugh. I didn’t know about Blair’s ambition. Over here there’s been a huge increase in student loan debt and (highly coincidentally) creation of ‘colleges’ and ‘universities’ of all sorts. On top of that, young adults graduate in what they like or what feels good …then head off to only make minimum at a job they hate.

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  2. Having spent the last half hour perusing your blog posts…I am doing what I never do and following you back straight away…Thank you for the follow by the way…and thank you for the early morning smiles especially the pregnancy card post…Why do you think I have six bratlings? I could keep playing the card…Enjoy your week 🙂

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    1. ❤❤ This is the nicest comment ever. You’ve really brightened my day.

      I’m set to read yours as well; though, at my current rate, I might not catch up till the end of August when the boys are in school! 🙂


  3. I think we should have more programs to work and learn at the same time. When it comes to schooling in these modern schools with ipads and smart boards they should all be equipped with learning how to garden foods and vegetables using methods to capture water etc.. I listened to a program here on all this modern technology for kids and that in the future schools will be internet based, stay at home and link in to the classroom via webcams etc.. Too sad for words..

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    1. I agree!!!! (More exclamation points needed) I let my boys make dams in the gutter and messes with paper and creations with Legos. Children need tactile, active, REAL LIFE learning.


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