Something in the Mail…

I came back from vacation to a little surprise waiting in our mailbox….


Hmmm… Air Mail addressed to me, in a padded envelope…


It claims to be a book! I think I know what ‘book’ this is!!!


And I know some of those “fellow bloggers!”


Not sure about that signature, though. Hopefully it’s legit.

Stay tuned for a book review, all ye others who are also expectantly excited. I will finish tonight.

THE KIRKWOOD SCOTT CHRONICLES: Skelly’s Square by [Black, Stephen ](Dude; you could be reading, too! Click here for the Amazon link.)


7 thoughts on “Something in the Mail…

  1. joanne the geek August 20, 2019 / 8:23 am

    Nice. I hope one day I’ll have a copy of it too. I didn’t realise I was in the acknowledgements. I’d love to see how it looks in book form.

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    • Chelsea Owens August 20, 2019 / 8:44 am

      I feel like a near-celebrity, recognizing your name. 😀
      I’m fairly certain Stephen wanted to send a copy to his betas; ask him.

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  2. Lwbut August 21, 2019 / 6:04 am

    That signature looks suspiciously like Donald Trump’s ? 🙂

    He claims to have written a book once!

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