Hilarious Baby Onesies (in the Meantime)

Whilst we all eagerly await the results of this week’s Terrible Poetry Contest, here are a few of my Amazon favorites for funny baby onesies. Admittedly, I specifically searched for ‘geek onesies for baby’…

Cutest Tax

World’s Cutest Tax Deduction

We’re having our baby at the best time of year for tax deduction purposes. We may as well own it, right?


It’s a Crap!

Poor Ackbar. I don’t think he knew his catchphrase would stoop so low.


I Just Boldly Went

For those who don’t know, babies need a lot of diaper changes. The theme may be crude, but it’s a recurring one.


I Still Live With My Parents

Well, I would hope the baby’s a bit young to consider a mortgage already…


Damn Lag Took Me Nine Months to Respawn

The gamer in me laughed and laughed at this one. Perhaps I also hear about respawning all the time in this video game household of ours.


Storm Pooper

Well, I did warn you that babies poop a lot.

19 thoughts on “Hilarious Baby Onesies (in the Meantime)

    1. 😀 They have one with that’s like the classic jumpsuit with the little Star Trek officer symbol (probably as an iron-on). I saw it in blue and red -who would make their baby a Red Shirt??


    1. 😀 We get a tax deduction for each kid, each year. If a mother births in December, her child can be claimed even though he’s only been alive for the last few weeks of that tax year.

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