Where, Oh Where Should My Blogging Go?

I feel lost.

Where once I had goals, dreams, aspirations, directions, and a body weight I could control; I now have exhaustion and confusion. The problem is with writing, with blogging.

Why did you start a blog? I began mine because a very good (talented, beautiful, intelligent) friend recommended I start one. I’d been trying to make TwofaceBook into a salon of sorts. I failed. People on social media want it to be a trash heap -but I digress.

I started writing a blog because I wanted to share my writing with others. I also wanted to complete a book, become world famous, and retire from housework forever.

After 2.5 years and little progress in the book-writing direction, I wonder if my followers have lost interest. I know I have. I imagine everyone’s thoughts:

What is she doing with this blog, anyway?

Why does she keep posting terrible poetry?

Is this a short story or a -oh. It’s yet another piece of that serial story thing. Just END it already!

Since no one’s been blunt enough to tell me these things, I’m taking the liberty of assuming their reactions.

In all seriousness, though, what should I do? I’ve finally finished Wilhelmina Winters. I prematurely ended the life of one my favorite serials because it was going the same, lengthy direction. I’m not certain anyone ever reads my mom blog. I think the bad poetry is hilarious.

I need a re-vamp, or I’m bound to drop the thing entirely. We’re talking a new writing schedule and different posts than what I’ve been doing.

If you have a minute, could you leave a comment about what you actually enjoy reading or would like me to write? I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you.



Here’s a brief run-down of what I wrote:
Wednesday, October 9: Asked about faves in “What’s Your Favorite Holiday? Why?

Thursday, October 10: Whipped up a (highly condensed) version of Stephen’s writing in “A Tribute to Stephen Black of Fractured Faith Blog.”

Friday, October 11: Winner of the Weekly Terribly Poetry Contest. Congratulations to Peregrine Arc!

Saturday, October 12: Announced the 47th Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest. The theme is to parody a nursery rhyme. PLEASE ENTER!

Sunday, October 13: Shared Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Contest, Susanna Leonard Hill’s Children’s Halloweensie Story Contest, and Aurora Jean Alexander’s Halloween Poetry Contest.

Monday, October 14: An inspirational quote by Someone who may have been Winston Churchill.

Tuesday, October 15: “Wilhelmina Winters, Number One Hundred Eight.” The End!!!

Wednesday, October 16: Today.

I also posted a little bit at my motherhood site. I wrote “The Merits of Yelling in the House,” “Top Ten Things to Never Tell a Pregnant Woman,” and “A Parents’ Bedtime Poem.”


Photo Credit: Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay


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99 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where Should My Blogging Go?

  1. Hi. I’m having the same thoughts about my blog. I really mean this – yours sites are one of the first blogs I look for. Both sites. I know the quality will be top draw. I love the variety of subjects. The mix of fiction, poetry, humour and real life works for me. I’ve been toying with doing along piece of fiction on the reality of parenting, marriage and life. With me it’s never going to happen but you would do a belter of a story. This might end up being too long a reply probably better if I write to you. As your own work is so good why not have a regular slot where people challenge YOU to come up with something. Have you thought of combining both sites. I sometimes think a few bloggers should come together and do a joint site – experiment to see how that works. Promise will write sometime today.

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    1. Well… now you’ve gone and made me cry. 🙂 Thanks!

      I started the mom site because this one is so hodgepodge. I noticed that others had single subject ones, or single writing types. Also, my WIP is a book on parenting.

      And then I got pregnant again. Kids are great, but they definitely suck your free time up.

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  2. I quite like just about everything you post! The Terrible Poetry Contest isn’t quite one I look at as much due to me just developing the habit from last year of “Well, I only have X time–I’ll read some serials and slice of life posts–if I have time, poetry.” And, well, that didn’t get fixed. I quite like the serials (I need to get back onto Skinwalkers), the insights, and just the blogs in general. You have a way with words, so it’s always enjoyable to read whatever you post.

    I hope this isn’t a sign you’ll stop posting!

    (Also, I admit to not following the mom blog simply because I’m not a mother, and I don’t know if I’ll actually ever become one.)

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    1. Aw, thanks! I enjoy what you post as well. I have so many people I love to read and feel awful when I don’t get around to them for days, then months…

      And then I feel so bored with what I write. 😀


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  3. Chelsea you’re a lot younger than me and still have visions and ambitions! But – I believe it’s a modern world “sickness” that the Arts are about fame and fortune. We don’t have even half of what J.S. Bach wrote. He composed for the two church services he had to organize each week. He didn’t write for posterity – not even his famous Brandenburg Concertos or Mass in B minor. I could give lots of examples of how great artists wrote because they wrote. So in summary – we like to juxtapose recreation (time out) with work – but in fact the opposite to recreation is creation. We create and recreate – and I think it’s a mistake to think we work and recreate. No – we create and recreate. Finally, I’d like to quote that great American Writer Flannery O’Connor: “When a book (blog posting) leaves your hands, it belongs to God. He may use it to save a few souls or to try a few others, but I think that for the writer to worry is to take over God’s business.” Sorry to have gone on. Maybe there’s a snippet here that might be helpful!

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    1. Thank you, Bruce. That’s true about the recreate/create mindset. A lot of that, for me, is that I have a very mushy boundary between work/play/recreate/create. I rarely just create, due to having interruptions (aka children).

      I’ll try to remember that idea when I write, that I need to use it as an unplug and not as a work session. 🙂

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  4. Yeah, my book doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, either…

    But. We don’t write because we have an ultimate goal. We write because we HAVE to. You have to write poetry… I have to write humor. We could stop doing it; but, we’d still have the need to put it down, edit it and hear the opinions of others. In that way, it isn’t the goal… it’s the journey.

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  5. I know that feeling … Why am I doing this? I’m not sure anymore. It started out as an exercise in personal liberation, a kind of inner cleansing and it worked, I think. It’s almost been two years now and I find myself listless. It’s this “meh” feeling. But many things lose their initial appeal after a couple of years – hobbies, jobs, even relationships … Frankly, I don’t worry about it too much and perhaps you shouldn’t either. It’s normal and if we just go with the flow, new things can come into our lives and old things can sometimes fire back up. What do I enjoy reading? The terrible poetry is fun, but I like any sort of poetry really. I wasn’t aware you had a mom blog, but being one myself, that sounds interesting to me 😉 Anyway, hang in there!

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    1. 🙂 You’re right. I’m just getting a bit tired of it after two years in no certain direction.

      Then again, I KNOW that the blogs I read, the people I’ve met, and the comments I receive buoy me on bad days. Most of the people I know in real life are just not as literary or complimentary.


  6. I’m a new follower, and I follow very few bloggers. Love your perspective and sense of humor and look forward to going back through some of your previous posts. I didn’t understand 108, but how could I when I missed 1 – 107? Will try my hand at some terrible poetry some day. Watching it go right now, waiting for the right place to jump on.

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    1. Hey; thanks! I haven’t read one of yours in a long time… but that’s also the story with most of my other tasks in life right now. 😀

      Who needs clean dishes, really?


  7. Hi Chelsea, to blog or not to blog is a good question and only you have the answer to that. If it brings you joy, do it, if it doesn’t, then — you decide.
    I don’t read all your posts, as you know. There are a few reasons for that. I don’t have time to read them all is the main one. I don’t read the terrible poetry contests and I don’t read your serial about Wilheminia Winters. However, I do usually read your flash responses at the Carrot Ranch and I often read your quotes and musings on motherhood and other topics that you post on this blog. I am only one of many readers. I pick what appeals most in the limited time I have to read.
    I wish you success in making your decision.

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    1. Thank you, Norah. I really appreciate your taking the time to read and respond. You’ve a busy schedule!!

      I guess I worried that having a bit of everything appealed to no one, but maybe it appeals a bit to everyone.

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  8. My favorite story from you is Lyr. They are short, too the point and leave me wanting the next installment NOW. Plus I’m jus’ getting into Wilhelmina, so you have that too. What it sounds like Chelsea, is you need to recharge, refresh and relax. And as you do, reevaluate your blogging. We’ll be here when you want to return.

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  9. I really feel along with you here Chelsea! Just this week I started writing a goodbye post, yet something stopped me from publishing it. I’ve been wondering about the future of mine as well… lots of posts, few views.

    I would miss your posts as I do think you have a kind of witty sarcasm in your style that few people do. Your writing is unique and I appreciate that you actually READ my posts instead of just going happy on the like button. Sigh. The other day I had 0 views and 4 likes 😂

    But, in all honesty, rather than quit all together, why not try posting once a week for a while and see if that helps you to get fresh ideas? (Not that a you need to listen to me as I have less than 300 followers 🤦🏼‍♀️) I personally enjoy your terrible poetry contest, I like your honesty on your mothering blog, and I don’t read anyone’s fiction on WordPress (but that’s just me, do what YOU enjoy.)
    Anyways, best of luck to you with whatever you decide. I’m personally hoping you choose to stay!

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    1. Thanks so much, Heather. I definitely don’t want you to leave!! I feel the same way about your writing as you said about mine -well, maybe not the ‘witty sarcasm’ bit because you’re nicer. 🙂

      I need some sort of change of plan, for sure. I think I deluded myself that I could write ahead and schedule things like others do, but that hasn’t worked for my meal-planning this month any more than it has for my writing.

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  10. I honestly don’t know. I like the Terrible Poetry Competitions, and your fiction. Maybe do some more short stories? I’m in a quandary myself. I just finished my serialised vampire story and now I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling a lack of energy and enthusiasm at the moment…

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    1. Agh. I didn’t know you’d finished YOUR series. I’m so behind!

      I think the short fiction is a good filler for these times of stress. I’m also thinking people have more time to read something like that instead of my lengthier posts -that I also have less time to craft.

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  11. It’s tricky, isn’t it? On the one hand, we blog because we like writing. We like the support from people who say “I like this” – that validation carries you through the pain of effort.
    But… what if we blog to write, not write to blog?
    There’s a difference. I can’t spend too much time on my blog cos I have other plans – getting my novel finished for one (although I cheat here – each chapter is posted on the blog anyway).
    Plus, I have a hectic job. And I’m chair of a writers’ group (and look after that blog too).
    I guess the answer is – write what you want to write. Don’t feel pressured to keep posting content. There are some bloggers out there who do multiple posts a day – I don’t have time to read that, never mind replicate it!
    Generally I:
    – Love the Bad Poetry.
    – Enjoy little insights into your life.
    – Read the odd short story etc. if I have time.
    Chill – you’re doing fine 🙂 xx

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    1. 🙂 Speaking of… where is my next installment of our heroes?

      You sound like you’re in a similar boat as I am. I don’t run a writer’s group, but I do lasso four children, a house, and a bit of schoolwork at the moment.

      And you’ve hit the nail on the head with your first observation. I know I would miss the validation, whether that’s good for me or not, since I don’t get much of that for my creative side in real life.

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      1. Yes, getting that balance between achieving things (whatever they may be) and a nice bit of praise is something we should focus on. Too much ‘doing’ without validation can make you feel down. But so can merely chasing the Likes & you also fail to get other stuff done.
        (Fear not, I’ve got 2 chapters that haven’t seen the light of day yet – the next one will go up soon!) 🙂

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  12. My first blog post was in March of 2009 and it was a movie review. I started blogging because I wanted to share photos and writing and meet new people who also shared an interest in writing. When I learned that writing posted to a blog is considered published in terms of submitting to publishers I stopped sharing stories on my blog and just started posting my goofy thoughts on stuff and over time I realized that I haven’t met as many people as I would have hoped. But a lot of that’s my fault because for most of the last 10 years I’ve really been little more than a hit and run blogger. Anyway, I don’t want to tell you what I think you should write because I think you should write about what you’re inspired to write about. If I said that you’re an excellent writer and blogger and I’d like you to post about plant-based recipes, or you should pursue being a life coach through your blog and offer health and wellness advice, or to talk about if movie/TV subtitles are better in white text or yellow text I might contribute to you writing about something that doesn’t interest you. And good or bad, meaningful or goofy, doesn’t writing on a blog boil down to what interests the person? What interests you?

    P.S. I really like the Terrible Poetry Contest.
    P.P.P.S. You’ve also written some articles focused on mental health that I enjoyed.
    P.P.P.P.S. I hope you don’t give the whole thing up entirely.

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    1. 🙂 I enjoy receiving terrible poetry from everyone!

      Yeah; the public posting of stuff used to really scare me. Then, I realized my writing isn’t all that precious –though a lot of my idea behind that was that I would publish better words, and THAT would be all official and copyrighted, etc.

      Valid points on the interests as well. I have many, and can write in many styles and voices. As you pointed out, that leads to mental health posts one day or terrible poetry the next. 🙂

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      1. The public posting of stories never bothered me until I learned about the copyright stuff and that’s only because forget money, I just like the idea of someone liking something I wrote so much that they want to put it into their publication. It’s personal stuff like your mental health posts that scare me because I’m not sure that I want to be that personal in front of the internet. (Actually, I am sure!) I hope you decide to experiment and let some of those styles and voices take you where they want to go and I look forward to the ride!

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  13. I think you’re having a moment of introspection and that’s completely normal for a writer. It’s actually a large part of the writing process. It’s obvious that you’re a creative and I’m impressed with the amount of content you post. I have a lot of down time while taking care of my parents who are both in their seventies and I barely push out one or two posts a month. And that’s because I want to introduce readers to my short fiction but I’m deathly afraid of publishing it. So I really don’t have any advice or suggestions. But I do know you won’t stop writing. I bet there are characters and story ideas in your head right now just waiting for you to bring them to life.

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    1. That is so nice of you to say! I know I can’t completely stop; you’re absolutely right.

      I can tell that you’re a thoughtful, intelligent, well-written person. Maybe you’d feel comfortable doing a short story once a week? Less daunting -right?

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    2. If this is too personal a question I apologize and just ignore it, but what is it about publishing something that’s frightening? Is it the fear of rejection or that no one will click the ‘Like’ button or something else? Again, please ignore the question if it’s too personal. I’m a caregiver as well for a parent and it’s nice to (virtually) meet another caregiver.

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  14. Whereas I think you are being highly over critical, this is my second go round at blogging, so I know how you feel. This time, I am writing for me. Just to see what I can do. Some days I look at what I am have written and I am blown away. I still have no idea where the words come from, and I’m even more surprised when it hits home that they come from me. That’s why I blog. Because it makes me feel good about me. period. If it’s not making you feel good about you, I say take a step back till you have something you cannot live without saying. Worked for me..

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    1. You are a phenomenal writer, so the breathlessness must be a frequent occurrence.

      I will definitely consider what I want. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely without others; I love the people I’ve met through blogging.


  15. I like reading your non-fiction the best.

    I gave up on my blog years ago because it didn’t have enough readers to be worth the effort.

    I still do a photography Instagram, where I post something every day, but that’s in the hope that it will get people to buy my stuff. I made one sale today directly because of a photo I posted to Facebook, so it’s working at least a little bit.

    Posting something and getting 3 likes isn’t very motivating for me, but I do feel validated when people make a purchase.

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  16. Hang in there, Chelsea. I’ve been feeling similar with my blog a little lately but am stubbornly staying the course with tacos and the Labrador. I have dreams of filming and editing a book trailer for my YouTube author channel, but haven’t been able to get the funds together to buy everything I need. It’s very frustrating when you have a vision and feel held back. I tend to just tell life to bite me. 😉😊

    I love the Terrible Poetry contests. Perhaps this could be expanded into other Terrible contests, if we don’t break the internet that way. I could see Terrible Short Fiction (I’m talking very short) or Terrible Captions, or perhaps a Terrible Take On (fill in the weekly blank). If you need more judges to help, especially post-delivery, you can volun-told people via a published scheduler. 😉 I’d be happy to.

    For WW, perhaps we could see this as your first indie book, published ebook and possible hard copy. It might be easier to read for your readers that way and could springboard your goals. Just aggregate the text into one file and send it off to get some quotes. My editor and cover artist I used for MB are in my blog subpage. I used two editors; the second one got the formats together for Amazon publishing.

    For your mom blog (“I read it!” she says as she waves her hand proudly like a teacher’s pet), do you have a button/banner on your other blog for this? Might increase traffic.

    Take care.

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  17. ” An unexamined life is not well lived.” You have the blogging blahs. Chill, rest, have some chocolate mint ice cream, take a deep breath. Take two weeks off and read a good book. I blog for three reasons 1. to improve my writing 2. to keep my imagination turning 3. to be inspired by other bloggers and to interact with them. I think when you have a busy life and have self imposed deadlines either daily/weekly for blogging it can cramp your style a bit and make it more of a production factory then it needs to be. Good luck with whatever you decide Chelsea.

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  18. Look what you started, Chelsea? So many of us have similar feelings. I’ve only been blogging for six months, but there are times when I feel it can take up too much of my time (and I’m not raising kids anymore). I have less than one hundred followers, and I follow about the same amount of people. I only post something every one-two weeks, and I’m perfectly cool with that. Others post multiple things in one day, and more power to them if that works for them. This hobby (that’s what I call it) is meant to be fun. When I stop having fun, I’ll move on to something else because I didn’t retire to do a bunch of crap I dislike.

    Why do I do this? (1) It gives me more opportunities to write. I’ve self-published one book, and am trying my hand at writing children’s books. If it never comes to fruition, it will be okay; I still enjoy the learning process. (2) I’ve met some cool people and forged some new friendships. The world needs a lot more understanding of others and a whole lot less judgment, particularly in these political times.

    I enjoy your wit and many of the topics you write about. They are relatable to me, which is why I often comment. When I don’t respond, it’s more likely that I don’t have the time to read everything and not because it doesn’t hold value. I’ve never been much of a poetry guy (good or bad), but if you enjoy it, then that should be the best reason to keep doing it.

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    1. “I didn’t retire to do a bunch of crap I dislike.” 😀 Probably the best summation right there.

      Thanks for your input Pete. I’m fine with people deciding not to comment or read; it’s certainly nice when they do. I’m trying to find the balance between crap I like, crap others like, and real life scheduling.

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      1. That real-life scheduling does throw a cramp into things. It’s similar to buying a house. It’s so exciting, but then we spend the next thirty years complaining about all of the stuff we have to do to keep it up.😎

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  19. Frequency is an issue. I consistently blogged twice weekly the first few years. This past year I’ve blogged weekly, to try to focus on more non-blog projects. The change did, I believe, cost me something in momentum… but it keep me going.

    One thing that recharges me is getting visits (and occasionally even a comment) on previous posts from entire life of my blog. Knowing that we’re building a lasting reservoir of resources is encouraging to me.

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    1. I feel that your posts require a week or month between them, as they are always thought out and informative. You’re right about the momentum, or perhaps readership, in terms of a frequency like that.

      I’m happy to hear you get comments on old posts. 🙂 I’m sure we all enjoy seeing the impact we’ve had.

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  20. I mostly started blogging to say things I didn’t have anyone to say them to. It gave me a voice, whether anyone listened or not. Considering how few actually listen to me in real life, I figure not many do if they read my blog, but it amuses me.

    I knew I wouldn’t keep it up if my scheduling was too demanding, so I settled on trying to stick to once a week. And the topic can be whatever I want it to be at any given moment. I do write down any thoughts that come to me in between postings and then choose one when it’s time to post, or write something new.

    Maybe try any new thing that sparks your interest and stick with it if it keeps your interest, or make it a one off (or occasional off) if that’s all you want to do with it. Maybe if you let yourself be a little more freeform and explore other options than your ‘regular’ postings, you will find something that energizes you again for blogging.

    Any writing is writing practice, so use the blog to explore different methods, different POV, different genres than you usually attempt. Use it as your laboratory.

    And don’t be too hard on yourself. A family and soon-to-be-new-member take a lot of energy. Good luck!

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  21. i skipped to the end of the comments.

    my question would be, if it hasn’t been asked already, whether or not you have a basic gut feeling about what you should or fundamentally want to be doing? and if this is the venue in which you want to be doing it?

    i do have that feeling for myself, so my issues are about what gets in the way.

    cheers. and good luck.

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  22. I’ve been feeling like this recently as well. Packing it all in. The indifference, the apathy, the ‘I’m going to buy your book but then never do.’ It can be overwhelming at times. I have no answers, but I do understand how you are feeling.

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  23. I think it’s hard to keep blogs feeling fun or successful. I had to give up a lot of blogging while I finished my degree, but honestly I don’t even feel bad about it. I get out of the blog what I put in (which isn’t much), but I think it’s been a worthwhile break.

    As far as re-working a blog, my only advice (advice? Lord, I’m not good at that) is not to write anything you don’t want to write. With that vagueness over, the other thing is that I tend to read life updates and funny things.

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  24. I haven’t lost interest in your blog. I’ve been too ill with cancer and chemo to read it or reply. I haven’t been able to write myself. Cancer is a beast. Chemo is proving far more difficult than I imagined and I’ve have reactions to it that have hospitalized me. I skimmed over this and please don’t stop anything. Just let your talent out when you can. The number of followers or weekly readers does not define your gift or your talents. Keep moving forward when time allows and trust in yourself. Xo

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  25. I love your mom blog, and I look forward to it every week! My advice would be to think about what you really want, what you really have time and energy for, and where you see yourself a few years from now. And mostly, what makes you feel good and fills your cup. And then plan accordingly. It doesn’t really matter what other people think, unless your goal is to build readership, and if that’s the case, then I guess the question is relevant. I enjoy your humor and sarcasm and more personal things, personally. But that is because you are my friend and I like seeing and hearing you in what I read. I also enjoy your serial stories because it’s like reading a chapter book and I have time to bond with the characters.

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    1. Thanks! 🙂

      Mostly I asked what people look for as a bit of a guiding element of where to go. I’M bored with the blog and wondered if it was simply ennui or what…


  26. Ahhhhh….Chelsea…..Why do we blog and write ? Many reasons and for most of us there is a common theme…I have given up trying to read everything everyone posts…It would leave me no time to write which is my passion be it my novel or my blog…I started when I retired I certainly admire you or anyone who blog when they have children at home…6 kids, horses, a dog ,a cat a parrot, a snake a lizard and various other live things plus working full time…Oh and the shopping and the housework…Hats off to you young lady I didn’t and couldn’t but now I do…Horses for courses…Inspiration I just go with the flow…The best bit for me are the comments and the lovely bloggers I have found on the way they all rock…I only comment when I have something to say and I miss some posts not through intent just life or my damn PC which definitely not playing nicely at the moment…My advice for what it is…blog/write when you can and when you can’t you can’t it will be here when you can and your followers will be there when they can….Life permitting of course…:)x

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      1. Normally first thing in the morning otherwise I get engrossed in my writing but I don’t beat myself up if I miss any I used to but realised I am not the only one and life just happens doesn’t it? ❤️

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