The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

Howdy, partners! Welcome to this here terrible poetry contest. We at the ranch have been rounding up bad poetry fer 48 weeks now.

Ready to rodeo? You’ll wanna read a run-down here. Then, saddle up and get yer lasso ready fer fun!

Here some ‘spifics for this round:

  1. The Topic‘s The Old West. Or, do The New West. Heck, do Midwest if that’s how you ride. Think of a song to sing on a campfire-smoke night, a shout to yell at those darn coyotes, or a rhyme to a cowboy from his sweetheart back home.
  2. Length is up to you, but many a cowpoke will doze off mid-ride if the trail gets too long.
  3. Rhymin’s up to you, partner.
  4. Most importan’ly, Make ‘er terrible. I don’t wanna see yer sorry hide back here till it is.
  5. Many a rough-rider can have a rough tongue, but sometimes lady folk read this blog. Keep yer comments to a civilized PG-13.

You have till 8:00 a.m. MST next Friday (October 25) to submit a poem.

Use the form below to stay low from The Law.

For instant fame an’ notoriety, leave yer poem or a link in the comments. Ye olde WordPress ain’t always good at pingbacks, if you know what I mean.




Photo credit: Image by skeeze from Pixabay


©2019 Chelsea Owens

27 thoughts on “The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

  1. Campfire Quite, and Then…

    Quiet on the Plain
    Gentle noises
    From the lowing cattle
    Cook takes his tin pan
    Makes some noises
    As he strikes it with a ladle
    I wince in pain
    My stomach makes noises
    Slop and beans do rattle
    Another cowhand shouts out profane
    Screams with noise
    The beans are ruining his saddle
    No longer quiet on the Plain
    Loud toots and other noises
    The racket disturbs the cattle

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  2. Yeehaw! Yippee yi yo kayah!

    My horse’s gone lame
    So I’m ridin’ a kangaroo out west
    It’s a bit boing boing boing
    So goin’ clip clop clip clop gets a bit messed.
    Yeehaw! Yippee yi yo kayah!

    My kangaroo’s gone lame
    So I’m tryin’ to sit on the back of this hippopotamus
    It’s a bit plod plod plod
    So goin’ clip clop clip clop is a bit preposterous.
    Yeehaw! Yippee yi yo kayah!

    My hippopotamus’s gone lame
    So I’m ridin’ a rockin’ horse through the desert
    It’s startin’ to squeak something naughty
    So I’m givin’ it a squirt of WD-40.
    Yeehaw! Yippee yi yo kayah!

    WD-40 worked like a charm
    Now it ain’t sqeakin’ and rowdy
    I’ll just tie up my rockin’ horse on this hitchin’ post
    And go into the saloon and say howdy.
    Yippee! Yippee! Cheers!
    Yeehaw! Yippee yi yo kayah!

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  3. Out in the dust field prairies of Dewsbury and Pontefract
The Yorkie badlands with rhubarb laden scrub tracks

    Where scary predators stalk lonely unsuspecting riders
Those ferrets are deadly once in your trouser insiders

    Old Cowboys on the trail for one last ride

    Trying to avoid those wannabe Bonnie and Clyde’s

    Clinging to a dying way of life like a stubborn Rooster Cogburn

    Taking those pills for the constant bake bean farts and heartburn
Singing stories of the wonders of this cowboy lifestyles

    While fighting the urge to scratch those lingering piles

    Carrying the sweetheart photo of the long lost cowgirl

    Forgetting she left you for an Accountant who could afford a pearl
All the ranches and rodeos have long since closed
Now 24 hour Big Macs are juxtaposed

    Getting back in the saddle you do it for glory and the life which is true
But really the only excitement left is a solitary campfire game of Buckaroo

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  4. I’ve just posted a poem for this week’s contest… now I’m just hoping that the pingback hasn’t worked, since my ditty falls just a little embarrassingly – though no more than a tad – short of terrible. It looks as if I’m safe…

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