Since the Bombs Fell: One

Nothing had been the same since the bombs fell.

From skeletal shells of once-laughing houses to shadows where trees had thrived, Finn’s view of the outside resembled a horror film. “Are you sure th’ equipment’s right?” Mary would ask. She’d asked every day, till Patrick snapped and told her to shut it.

Finn was more patient with his sister. Before Patrick stepped in, Finn had sighed and said, “Aye, Mary. They’re right.”

He thought about this exchange as he walked in stiff, clumsy cadence. He thought about Mary and what she might say if they allowed her on surface excursions as well. His breath echoed and amplified in his helmet. The radioactive puffs of dust and crumbling landscape around him struck him as surreal, no matter what he’d told Mary. His hands clenched and unclenched within their constricting gloves; itching to touch it all, to test if it were real.

He shifted his view to right and left, and felt at his back for reassurance. His Laserlock was still there. Of course it was. He’d checked for it only moments before, and moments before that. “You compulsive skinny,” Patrick would’ve told him. Fine enough for Patrick to tease; Finn knew his brother behaved the same when outside. Neither one of them wanted to be caught with his trousers down. It only took once. Just once.

Finn stopped and stood outside the hospital. Most of it was intact; Patrick had learned that on his last trip, right before sunset. Right before losing his leg. Finn flexed his own as if to ensure no one had taken it while he stood there. Irony certainly had a sense of humor. The place where his only brother had been attacked was where Finn needed to go in order to save Patrick’s life.

This time would be different, he told himself. This time it was full daylight. This time his weapon was fully charged. This time, he knew they were there.


©2019 Chelsea Owens

27 thoughts on “Since the Bombs Fell: One

      • S. Chersis October 23, 2019 / 12:39 am

        That’s still a fun story! I look forward to seeing where it goes 😀

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    • Chelsea Owens October 23, 2019 / 7:07 am

      Thanks, Charles! I’ve been thinking about them all night: should I go more realistic or more fantastic?


      • Charles Yallowitz October 23, 2019 / 7:16 am

        Maybe in the middle for dystopia? Those tend to need more reality than fantasy.

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        • Chelsea Owens October 23, 2019 / 7:21 am

          Yes; that’s my mental argument as well….


    • Chelsea Owens October 23, 2019 / 7:10 am

      Yes, a nuclear winter would be cold as well! 😉


  1. trentpmcd October 23, 2019 / 6:06 am

    Nice start – waiting for “Two”, “Three”, “Four”, etc… 🙂

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    • Chelsea Owens October 23, 2019 / 7:11 am

      Thanks, Trent! I’m aiming for that “etc.” to terminate at a reasonable number this time!

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  2. Jules October 24, 2019 / 7:27 am

    I might recommend that if this becomes a series that you start a page for it… Give it some kind of a working name to the series. Make it easier for readers to find the continuing bits?

    I remember watching a show many years ago about the world ending and a woman trying to survive with her children and her children’s friends. It is a difficult thing to witness the end of how things used to be. Even with the US Civil war where brother fought brother… I can’t imagine my home being taken over by the ‘other side’ or being used as a hospital.

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    • Chelsea Owens October 24, 2019 / 9:07 am

      Thank you, Jules! Great suggestion.

      I love stories about The End but agree with you: I’d hate to live it.

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