The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

Come here, my poet, and prepare to enter the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest #49! You’ll find a basic outline on terrible poeting here. Ready?

Here are the specifics for this week:

  1. Our Topic is Halloween. Write something SCARY!
  2. As is usual, the Length is up to you.
  3. Rhyming is also up to you. Frighten us with what you do.
  4. Just Make it terrible! Make the very souls of the Wal-mart imps moan in agony and terror at the thought of your verses.
  5. The Rating’s fine at PG-13 or cleaner.

You have till midnight of All Hallow’s Eve, 12:00 a.m. MST next Friday morning (November 1) to submit a poem.

Use the form below to be anonymous for a week.

For a more social experience and immediate fame, include your poem or a link to it in the comments. If you do not see a pingback within a day, drop a comment as well.

Roll up your casting sleeves, and have fun!


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38 thoughts on “The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

  1. Resurrected for Halloween

    (I humbly submit this poem I wrote in 1958 when I was 8).

    Like a guy-rope swing eternally from a pendulum
    With the fiery blast swelling, Superman sank
    Into percussion of fiery anticipation
    And landed with a plonk at the bottom of the hall.

    Like a dreadnaught, it nosed its way, silently weeping,
    And wished, well-wishing it had never left the ceiling.
    Deep! Oh Deep down it thundered in the mall
    Then landed with a plonk at the bottom of the hall.

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  2. Spooky nefarious ghosts
    And their terrifyingly odd boasts
    Blood, gore, grim and sin
    But for them it’s a win-win
    Awful phantasms
    Ruining the coal-miner’s orgasms
    Terrible, ghastly ruins
    Deadly, doleful tunes
    This is the season of rust
    And don’t you dare say, ‘psst!’
    You’ll find out why soon enough
    When the one-eyed crone lets her dogs loose, ruff ruff

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  3. I wrote this poem for this prompt two days ago Chelsea and I am protesting. My poem is the honest truth – Halloween???? Who cares???? It’s not an Australian tradition and I am heartily sick of having it forced down my throat. 😦

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    1. Yeah; I know. I thought about that with posting the prompt. *sigh*
      I suppose you could get me back by proposing a wholly Australian theme for your prompt, like Vegemite…


  4. This is Childrening
    (A terrible homage to the song “This is Halloween”)

    Pumpkins, ghouls and spaghetti strands
    Oh my lot loves doing handstands
    With jellied fingers and muddied hands
    I find their artwork all over this land
    Come with me and you will see, in this land of Childrening

    Mustard stains, broken glass
    Footballs punted into the nightstand
    Come with me and you will see
    The reason for my punctual screams

    This is Childrening, this is Childrening!
    Everybody scream, everybody scream
    In this land of Childrening

    Parents cry in the Dead of night
    Wondering how they’ll survive the fright
    Round that corner is their toddler of two
    Wondering if he can fit more jelly into mom’s shoes

    This is Childrening, this is Childrening!
    Everybody scream, everybody scream
    In this land of Childrening.

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          1. We actually had that happen last night. A group of trick-o-treaters came up to our door mistakenly and the saint answered and said we weren’t passing out candy. A kid yelled “No candy at this house!!!” Oy vey.

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  5. I wrote one about a vampire…

    The Vampire’s Night Out

    There once was a hungry vampire

    of fresh blood he could never tire

    one night from his dark castle he flew

    looking for a fair maiden that was new

    until through a bedroom window he did see

    a slumbering maiden who looked a beauty

    so he crept into the room to have a bite

    lucky for him she obviously had an early night

    she was motionless and lying fast asleep

    so right up to her he did silently creep

    his fangs chomped down on her exposed neck

    only to find the skin was hard, and his teeth now a wreck!

    She was only a mannequin left lying in the room

    he quickly left, flying in shock back to his tomb.

    That experience left him feeling so pitiful

    without his fangs, he now gets blood bags from the hospital.

    Joanne Fisher

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  6. The moon is full

    It’s time for blood on the wool

    Halloween terror
Your in the wrong place, a deadly error
Knifes sharpen

    The atmosphere slowly darkens

    The clock ticks

    While the madman plays his tricks
This is sick
As bad as the worst horror flick
Witches potion
An unpredictable explosion

    Straight from hell
Too horrific for Slasher Motel
Frankenstein creation
A Poltergeist apparition
Beyond X rated

    The result is pure evil hatred
All hope is forsake

    Dads been trying to bake a SPONGE CAKE

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