“It would be lovely if the world just handed you things. But alas, it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes a dream job requires real work. Most people pay their dues. Yes, it’s a lot of hours, it’s repetitive, it’s boring, but that’s usually the way to learn. Very few successful people were successful the first time out. They were frustrated, bored, annoyed….feel free to enter in any descriptive word that you want, because everything has good and bad.

“Sometimes you have to give things a shot. Sometimes you need to work. That’s just life.”

-LA, “Laterally Thinking

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  1. How many times do you see the people who have everything handed to them on a silver platter fail when they hit a setback or bump in the road? It is a fairly common tale.

    The people who earned everything by hard work are the ones who won’t squander their money.
    I taught a lot of kids who inherited a solid work ethic from parents who demonstrated it in their own lives. There was the dad who held down two full time jobs so that his kids could have a better life than him. There was the single mom (with a deadbeat dad out of the picture) who held down a full time job and still managed to get her kids to do their homework and get them to all their extracurricular events. The children from those real life heroes/heroines are the ones who know that long term success comes from hard work.

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  2. Love this. We are our own obstacle. Some become comfortable in their space and don’t move forward in life. Of course there are many other reasons for not moving ahead. But moving up and attaining what you’d like is definitely achievable with hard work.

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  3. There are the go-getters and the stayers and we need both in society…I see that that in my children we both worked hard and that ethic has carried over to them and their children as mine was a reflection of my parent’s hard work.
    I don’t think people should be handed anything maybe given a hand on the way…

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      1. Presence and perspective (it seems to me).
        Presence because it keeps us from ruminating about the past (which is unchangeable) and on the future (which is changeable). Perspective because where we put our energy is a matter of choice (usually).

        I worked a boring, frustrating, useless job for 18 years selling office furniture. It was soul-deadening. At some point along the way, I decided to make the work about making personal connections with my customers instead of how many file cabinets I sold $. Overnight, it transformed my days from crappy to not so bad. I never forgot that lesson. 😀

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  4. Can one have too much experience? I’ve had too many ‘little’ jobs that I gave my all until the ‘bosses’ thought they were better than they were… They needed some learning. Can’t run a happy ship when the sailors keep jumping.
    Thankfully now I get to ‘work’ at my own pace. I’ve earned not having to watch the clock. At least I think so. 🙂

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