A Starving Writing Muse

I’ve been on forced sabbatical lately, in case you didn’t know. I thought a break a wise decision, considering the recent birth/extraction of my newest male offspring.

It’s been harder than I thought.

To be honest, I’ve felt giddy every time I click all my e-mailed reader’s feed and DELETE them to oblivion. No, you don’t have to read those, I tell my over-stressed self. It’s comparable to ripping tags off pillows or eating chocolate in the closet.

To also be honest, I’ve really really missed reading what everyone writes. I miss writing what everyone reads. And, unforeseen by me, my inspirations/motivations/muse-ical thoughts have swirled counterclockwise in a porcelain bowl to the sewer.

I’ve also been finishing up my Pathways course on writing. I’ve had little difficulty with it, since I write all the time (and suspect that, alone, places my essays above the others when grading time comes around). However, last week saw me sitting at the proverbial empty screen, staring at the proverbial blinking cursor with the proverbial blank mind to match.

What has this taught me?

That’s right! -That I needed more chocolate, and music blasting in my headphones to block out distractions.

Besides those, I also need to keep writing. I need to keep reading.

Whenever I get hungry, I can tell how desperately I need food by the items I crave:

A healthy sandwich = Comin’ up on lunchtime
Frozen pizza = It is lunchtime
Granola bars and fruit snacks = Probably missed lunchtime
McDonald’s = Whoa, baby! Get that blood sugar up NOW!

The same could be true for my writing. In the absence of the wonderful community here, I’ve noticed I’m posting a lot more on Twofacebook -and we all know the caloric count of that shady place…

So, as I may, I’m going to pop in a bit more. Turns out my mental health needs it. Thanks for all the support in the meantime, especially those who’ve reached out via messages and e-mails. You’re the best; really.



©2019 Chelsea Owens

47 thoughts on “A Starving Writing Muse

  1. TwoFacebook—great line!🤣🤣🤣 I’ve got to imagine having a newborn around makes writing a challenge. TwoFacebook—not nearly as much brainpower there.

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  2. Why do we rebel against those self-imposed limits and time schedules? There’s conflict when reality crashes into the ideal. Reminds me a bit of my work when an ivory tower edict comes down and I reply, “That’s not the way it works down here”. One of the reasons I don’t like diets. Going to check the closet for chocolate.

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  3. My mum always said that the one you need to be strongest for is yourself. We are all here for you Chelsea, even here in little down under. 🙂

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  4. This piece was exceptionally well-written. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that an essay/story about toilets, food cravings, and the need to interact online could go together so well, but you did it!

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