Morning Mom is Coming to Town

You better sit up;
Better open your eyes-
Better get up
‘Fore you get a surprise.
Morning Mom is stomping the ground.

She’s opened your blinds;
Yelled at you twice-
Gonna come give you sched’ling advice.
Morning Mom is starting to frown.

She knew when you weren’t sleeping,
Staying up to read, instead.
And now she’s leaning over you
And her breath could curdle bread.

Oh! You better sit up;
Better open your eyes-
Better get up
‘Fore she brings in the ice.
Morning Mom is layin’ it down…


©2019 Chelsea Owens

Also posted at my motherhood site.

26 thoughts on “Morning Mom is Coming to Town

          1. Perhaps. Don’t you feel as if your life is divvied up in stages throughout the day? I relished napping when the baby napped. Forget laundry and dishes—sleep is the means of restoring sanity!

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  1. Oh, Chelsea, this is magic! A motherhood classic for the ages! And I must add, how lucky you are your poetic children read into the night when they could equally as easily be slipping out their bedroom window into the mischief below…. Not that I ever did such a thing mind you…… Seasons Cheer!

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  2. You are a writing marvel, a paragon of parody, a virtuoso of verisimilitude, a… oh sod it. Brilliant. Enjoy the inevitable immaculate behaviours of all your men on Jingle Day. See you on the other

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