Quick Game: Edit That Book Title

Just for fun, take a popular book title and add one word.

For examples:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Dirty Secrets*

The Grape Juice of Wrath

Brave New World Record

Y’know, if you want to.


*I stole this one from Twofacebook.

66 thoughts on “Quick Game: Edit That Book Title

  1. How about:

    Lord of the Fruit Flies
    Animal Farm Menus
    or, by Stephen King
    The Remainders Stand

    I just don’t want to see anyone post something offensive like:

    Lord of the Onion Rings

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  2. 50 shades of grey underwear
    Aliceโ€™s adventures in Pinterest Wonderland
    Jude the obscure novelist
    As I lay lying
    Ice-cream scoop
    The big sleep-in
    Tinker tailor soldier blogger
    Buns and lovers
    To the doghouse
    The adequate soldier
    The sun also burns
    A clockwork cumquat
    Brideshead unvisited
    The Ubereatsman always rings twice

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  3. Oliver Panty Twist
    Around the World in About Eighty Days
    Vanity Antiques Fair
    Moby Dick Sick
    Bleak House Party
    The HiViz Woman in White

    That sort of thing?

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  4. Grated Expectations
    Drapes of Wrath
    To Grill a Mockingbird
    Warts and Peaches
    The Lord of the Ringlets
    The Ketchup in the Rye bread
    Mess of the D’Urbervilles
    Memoirs of a Goldfish
    Of Lice and Men

    I could go on, but need to write something sensible!

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  5. Trump – art of the Ukrainian Deal
    The Lion, The Witch and IKEA Wardrobe
    One Pigeon Flew over the Cuckooโ€™s Nest
    The Secret Garden Orgy
    Schlinders Shopping List
    Life of Apple Pi
    The Return of the Burger King
    Gone with the Wind chimes
    Lap Dances with Wolves
    Apocalypse Not Now

    And sorry just adding one letter works as well

    Shaving Private Ryan

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  6. I also like another classic book titles game I heard on the NPR quiz show, “Ask Me Another.” The game involved putting together combinations of classic titles from clever clues: Gone with the Wind in the Willows; Moby Dick and Jane; etc.

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