Throwback Thursday: Plus-Size Podiatry

From July 21, 2017, another of my favorite silly poems. Because of my apelike toes, I wear the large, unladylike size of 11. This poem is my lament whilst shopping.

Plus-Size Podiatry

O, footwear on that narrow shelf
Daintily curved ’round your arch:
How appealing, how smart you poise
Atop, as if lining to march.

O, footwear, you awaken some
Feminine joy -I’ll confide.
Even in such a tom-boy me,
I squeal a tad deep inside.

O, footwear, I search hungrily
And seize your match in my size.
But, alas! Once again, I find
You, when that large, look like guys’.


©2020 Chelsea Owens

19 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Plus-Size Podiatry

  1. Ahhhh ….2 of my children have very long toes which I would say add at least a size to their shoes and their feet …..Feet to me are not the nicest part of a body are they unless you are really lucky and I am guessing most are not xx

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  2. Yeah. I need a big box toe. My mom wore an extremely narrow 11 and had a hard time finding shoes to fit. She never wore heels because she was so tall and because of her back and because-well there was some “religious” reason later on.

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