2 Short Stories

Her life ran a predictable path of mostly mundane events: drive there, deliver this, return to home, clean up messes, drive, retrieve, drive.

Every day ran round to the next. Every day ran much the same.

At nearly midlife, she had an epiphany: maybe everyone’s life is mostly mundane.

She shrugged, and continued loading groceries into her car.


He knew the aliens were gonna get him soon. They’d left signs of their intent everywhere.

“Aha!” he said, pointing to broken bathroom tiles.

“There!” The side of his trailer bore a suspicious gash.

“Struck again!” he told his fellow truckers. Part of his load had spoiled; “Dern aliens” interfered with the refrigeration.

“I knew it!” he finally exclaimed, holding his pink slip. Reasons for dismissal? Damages to a rest stop restroom, damages to company property, and damages to merchandise.

“I’ll get you yet,” he mumbled, startling a passerby.


©2020 Chelsea Owens

26 thoughts on “2 Short Stories

      1. I was thinking about her imagining that everyone’s life was ‘mundane’. Tell her for me, there is a huge sector of the earths population that would kill for that kind of mundane. Others would just kill for the groceries….

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  1. Two thoughts on your stories. The first reminded me of a quote I once read from Woody Allen (boo, hiss); ‘80% of life is showing up.’ The second one, in these days of mass migrations and refugees, made me wonder what sort of ‘aliens’ were fuelling his paranoia.

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  2. To make the ordinary extra ordinary – Isn’t that Mother/Parenthood.
    Though I suppose stuck singletons or partners could feel that way too…

    Aliens – we are all aliens – Some less discernible in the destruction we cause…

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  3. Love these, and of course I can relate to the first. Sometimes my best days are the most mundane, peppered with small moments that make the ordinary memorable: a spontaneous hug from my youngest, an offer to wash dishes from my oldest, a quick shoulder rub from my husband, a Scripture shared by my daughter – mundane mixed with moments that I realize many may not have.

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