Little Willie: Some Terrible Poems

Little Willie learned of love
Tried it on a girl he’d heard of
Saw her driving; tried to rush
Now he feels a different crush.

A fresh apple!
-Willie sees
Newton’s Law
Sees Wil-lie.

Once when Willie, feeling bold,
Traded in his gramma’s gold,
Midas Pawn Shop learned too much;
Gave poor Will their famous touch.

Willie broke his mama’s back
Try’n to step on ev’ry crack
Mama’s had it with his sass
Used her cane to whip his hide.

Hole in ‘chute,
At airplane jump;
Will said, “Shoot!”
Then, he said *clunk!*

Β©2020 Chelsea Owens

Wanna try a Little Willie poem? They’re the topic of this week’s Terrible Poetry Contest!

26 thoughts on “Little Willie: Some Terrible Poems

  1. Enjoyed these Chelsea. These are new form to me (as is almost everything!) but I had fun writing some for a post scheduled for tomorrow.

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    1. Oooh! Clever use of burning, there.

      My most morbid son keeps trying to write a Little Willie poem this morning. If he were doing yours, he would’ve ended up making the pie out of lava… He’s not quite old enough for ‘subtle’ yet. πŸ˜€

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  2. Reminds me of the this oddity:
    “I wish I were a little fish
    I wish I were a bass
    So I could climb up in the trees
    and fall down on my hands and knees… ”

    Or the football cheer:

    Rah rah ree
    kick him in the knee
    Rah rah ras…
    Kick him in the other knee…

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