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  1. Too often, if one cries wolf too much, no one wants to listen.
    I remember one time I had gotten something new… to wear and the person I was taking to had the nerve to say… “Oh, I didn’t see that. I don’t look at you when I talk to you.” Paying attention to whom ever is speaking is priceless. When I taught young children I always got down so that our faces were on the same level.

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  2. Sadly the art of listening and looking like we are listening is getting lost… I see that very much in the younger generation I am always telling my grandson to stand still and look as if he is listening….

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  3. yes.. but some people are exceptional listeners and others the talkers.. I have a friend I phone and I have to remind myself before I make the phone call that it will be a long conversation and she will do most the talking.. 😉

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