Window Washer Whimsy #Tanka #Senryu

For my third-ever time writing for Colleen Chesebro‘s prompt, I give you: a Senryu. Sort-of. I’m fairly certain I followed the form.

The prompt this week is to study this photo, provided by Ritu Bhathal, and write what moves you.

Photo ©2020 Ritu Bhathal


Windex-winded; sore
the washer escapes, in night
where her windows glare


Poem ©2020 Chelsea Owens

18 thoughts on “Window Washer Whimsy #Tanka #Senryu

  1. I’ve heard crumbled news print is supposed to work too. Or those washable micro fiber clothes…(not a fond of that fabric myself).

    Did the form justice. Personally myself, I’m not the greatest housefrau. But I manage. Windows aren’t high on my list… 😉

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