Dammit, WordPress!!

Look, I get it. I’m so busy I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast, or even if I had breakfast. I don’t have time to fold my shirts, bring the toy room up to OSHA standards, or sit around wondering if I consumed food that morning.

I certainly do not have time for reading blogs -Wait! Yes, I do! Every 2-3 hours, I am stuck on a couch while a small human sucks milk from my body. Why can’t I catch up on my friends’ stories then?

I’ll tell you: because of WordPress!

Back when I started blogging, I could read and comment on a story or a poem or a picture right from my phone. WordPress kept me logged in, so I whizzed around the sites I followed like a person who reads blogs quickly.

Then, the trouble started.

I surfaced from a pregnancy haze and noticed I wasn’t getting e-mails from LA‘s site anymore. Confused, I discovered she wasn’t listed as one that I followed. I remedied that, only to notice the same thing happen again a few months later. When I messaged her to ask if she’d dropped me, she promised she had not.

After that, I was unable to leave comments on Lisa‘s blog, Stephen‘s blog, or P’Arc‘s blog. I have to click a login button just to respond to terrible poetry entrants.

Recently, I remembered that Matt mentioned me in an award. I went to find that post. Surprise! I was no longer following him. After rectifying that, he commented on my post: hum…i am not unfollowing you but everytime it seems i check your blog i have rehit the follow button…what the hell WordPress ??

What the hell WordPress, indeed.

Like I said, I’m a busy gal. I don’t have time. I do have friends. I want to be able to read what those friends write and to be able to comment. And yet; un-follows, inability to login, and dropped sites are cramping my style.

What can I do? I don’t know. The only way I’m able to comment is by using an actual computer. Even then, I get screens that do not load and logins that never go through.

Have you experienced issues with WordPress? Are you able to comment on the sites you wish to? Do you know the customer service number I can use to send them a flaming bag of poo?


UPDATE: I submitted an issue to the forum. We’ll see if anything happens.



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67 thoughts on “Dammit, WordPress!!

  1. The unfollowing is happening to my blog too. The comment here under the little like avatars gone, Last week it was impossible to ping back. *sigh* wordpress is messing with us. I hate the block editor too. But I thought it was my un tech savvy fault. 🤔

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    1. I realize I don’t pay a hefty amount for their services, but they’re dropping former technological and communicative benefits like rusted machine parts. Do they know what’s happening?

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  2. I’ve been having that problem for over a year. Like now, I’ve had to refresh several times and then sneak around my phone app to comment here. God help me if I want to reblog from certain blogs.

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      1. Seems like it has something to do with permissions when a site won’t come up. It doesn’t say that it cannot find it… just that it won’t bring it up. An hour later, it is available and other sites can’t be reached.

        Very odd…

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    1. I used a Kindle in the hospital, and now that one’s having the same issues even though I haven’t touched the security options and I try clearing its cookies and cache.


  3. Hi. It seems to happen periodically and it’s really frustrating having to chase up and follow back. I love WP but it can be quite glitchy with all the changes they keep making.
    Logged in, find the following WP help page and pose your questions. Depending on what account you have you might also have access to their ‘happiness engineers’, bottom of page. They’re usually really helpful and respond fast: https://en.support.wordpress.com/

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  4. Frustrating! Yes, I sometimes experience something similar but I have no advice or solution. Sorry. I don’t do anything with blogs or social media from my phone because I find it far too difficult.

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  5. We know you love us! Yesterday I discovered comments in my spam folder from people I talk to all the time…so who knows what goes on I’m the mind of WordPress!

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  6. So this post showed in my Reader. Great. But when I am here, it tells me that I am NOT following. if not, why does you show up in my Reader? It started with one or two and I just clicked “follow” again. But now it is every single blog, so I don’t bother – I can find you. But then, occasionally I will find that someone’s blog does not show up in my Reader. Why not? So I follow them again. This has been a constant since I started to use WP. It seems that at some time in the year WP drops about 20 people off of my following list. And they are people I actively read. So, yeah, you are not alone…

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  7. Your post was interesting to me this morn especially since I read a friend’s post written in two languages (both which I understand). I commented – WP message ‘unable to send my comment’ – 4 times I tried and when I hit the ‘like’ button it registered then unregistered. Unbelievable!!

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  8. Yes!! I decided to get emails, and am slowly going back to app notifications.
    I contacted WP and they said it was a safari issue. I found a Chrome plugin and when I click it, I get to chrome, and it’s easier, but…. the sites I have most problems with are the ones who have their own website, instead of WordPress.com in the link It always wants me to login.

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  9. I used to enjoy the banter on your Terrible Poetry thing – but for quite a few months I can’t give a like or a comment on any comment (poem) that other people leave. WordPress has certainly gone down the hill in the past year or so – and if they read this I’ll have my throat strangled even more.

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  10. I’ve only been at this for a year, so I don’t have as much experience as others. I haven’t had many negative incidents, but there is one curious thing I don’t understand. There are a handful of blogs (maybe 3-4) where other posters can respond to my comments, but I don’t have any way to reply to anyone except for the original blogger.

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  11. problems like this make me want to just start over for free when i use up my space instead of upgrading to paying…sigh, just now once a freaking gain i had to follow you after following your 4 times now :/ and despite you being in my reader….i mean talk about buggy

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    1. I’ve just decided that I actually AM following a site if it’s in my Reader Feed. When I stop getting the posts entirely, though, I don’t know what the deal is.


  12. Tche just to get onto my website and admin so I thank YOU for commenting..;-) I often have to reply on a post to login to wordpress and then press the like button.. Sometimes I have to do that on all posts every day.. I always have to clear cache before I can make a post in admin.. drives me crazy..

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  13. I haven’t been having issues that bad, no, but they keep trying to force me into that block editor and I hate it because it doesn’t allow me to insert photos after the fact. I hate it.

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      1. It wants you to write a paragraph, put a block for a photograph, then write a paragraph, then a block for photos. It’s annoying. It won’t let me move the photo block in between paragraphs. If they force me to use it I may have to jump ship, but I hope not because despite it’s faults it is really the only place I’ve been able to find other bloggers to connect with.

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  14. Same here…. I’m tired of it. I am able to comment on some from my phone, then all of a sudden I can’t. I check on the PC and I’m still following, but WP doesn’t care. I really wish they would get it together. It’s not easy trying to find every blog I follow. I know I’m still missing some. Sigh.

    How’s that baby doing?? ❤

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    1. I have yet to follow up with WP since they responded to my forum question, asking for specific examples. I can’t even *see* two of my friends’ sites, even when I try a different device and browser.

      The baby’s good! I’m paranoid every time he coughs or sneezes, but he’s good! ❤

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