The Coronavirus has spread to our area.

You may be feeling alarmed right now, or alone. We’re overreacting. We’re underreacting. It’s ‘this person’s’ fault’ or ‘this idea.’

None of that matters.

What matters is community. That’s a funny sentiment In the midst of encouraged isolation, but it’s true.

In the frenzied buying at Costco, four of my neighboring shoppers helped a baby-holding mother (me) with her cart.
A woman I don’t know posted in our community page that she’s willing to share food or resources with those who don’t have enough.
Another person started a thread to help those needing childcare because they still need to work.
And so many healthcare workers are heading out to their jobs, demonstrating the ultimate proof of their duty and devotion.

So, let’s help our fellow humans. Stay home if you can; definitely do so if you are sick. It’s not panic. It’s to spread out the impact on health facilities that only have so many respirators, beds, medicines, and -above all- people.

We have amazing informational resources these days. Use them for entertainment and learning. And, like me, use them to encourage and uplift. We’re all in this together, even apart in our own homes.


©2020 Chelsea Owens

(Also posted on my personal Twofacebook page.)

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  1. Great post, Chelsea. I wrote on Wednesday, after a day of information overload. By the time I edited it, things had changed. So, I’m rethinking. One thing that sticks out for me is the impact on our health care system and the providers. I’m so glad you’ve found that uniting element of good in your community. Something we (well, me anyway) have not celebrated as often as we should.

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    1. It’s been interesting to watch the fluctuations in attitudes and opinions on my Twofacebook feed. We certainly don’t want to spread any illness, but we *do* need to help where we can. I keep remembering that “Twilight Zone” episode with the bomb shelter.


  2. i just want to know why toilet paper is such a hot commodity ? I mean i walked thru my local grocery store and there were still cold and flu and pain relief products but a completely bare empty out of stock on toilet paper shelves ?

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    1. 😀 If you have cold and flu and pain relief products, can you send them our way? We’re clean out.

      As to toilet paper, we always stock up extra because we have a lot of bottoms at our house. 🙂


  3. They say there is a pyschology behind the panic buying frenzy. People want to feel in control and like they’ve accomplished something. They aren’t necessarily discriminate about it, though, which weakens the result. Even so, they look at their stash and feel like they were pro-active and smart. Unfortunately, I live in California and you see the same thing after every sizeable earthquake. Once the shaking stops, the stash is gone within 6 months and they are no more prepared for the next one than they ever were.

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  4. we subscribe to an online toilet paper service called ‘who gives a crap?’ All ethically sourced, no mono cultivation, ever roll handpicked by properly paid adults, that sort of thing. I was charged with buying another box last August, just before the vet’s wedding (no specific link but most things these days are are pinpointed as being either before or after the Vet’s nuptials). Each box contains 48 rolls. For reasons for which I was offered counselling and a free at the point of use divorce, I bought five boxes which is now making me look prescient. I’m considering starting my own religion of The Church of The Three Ply.
    But you make some v good points…

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  5. Crazy times for sure. People show their true colors during a crisis. I’ve seen examples of selfishness right next to other random acts of kindness.

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    1. That’s a bit draconian to me. How far will our countries take this? There haven’t been thousands of deaths and I get they don’t want them but will they be throwing us in jail next if we want a walk around the block. This is the future of our world I guess. Governments in control


        1. Probably but at some point, you can’t force people to stay in their homes. What will they do, hold them at gun point? How far are they willing to go? You have to ask the questions because I know a lot of people 70 and older in this question who aren’t going to take being told they can never leave their houses very well.

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            1. That won’t work here but they can try. Luckily, people seem to be self quarantining themselves where I am. A few are going to work and getting a few things at the store, being careful to respect others and then going home. Hopefully it stays that way when they realize this will last a long time.

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              1. I have Haemohromatosis and the only treatment is blood letting; at a pint a week. Though they will lessen eventually to six/eight times a year if I am lucky, it will be for ever. Bring on those leeches, haha!

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                1. There was, but until the 90’s when dna found a way to identify the gene and treat it. A high proportion of people from celtic backgrounds would die of cancers, cirrhosis heart and lung disease. When in fact it was undiagnosed Genetic H. Thank you Vikings.

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  6. Hubby read that about every 100 years or so we as ‘humanity’ get some kind of issue like this pandemic.
    What can be new is indeed how we give space as well as help those in need.
    We can and will survive this current chapter in the history of this world, our earth.
    We have to believe that and be positive. Thank you for encouraging community.
    To you and yours stay safe and healthy ((hugs)) ~ Jules

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