“Every persons’ definition of happy may hold a different meaning. I feel it’s important that you recognize what that meaning is for you and once you have defined it, understand that it is up to you to walk toward it.

“It’s so very easy to blame those around us or circumstances we find ourselves in for our happiness. What we do not always realize is that we have control of nothing but our inner voice and a choice. A choice to make our lives more amazing than we thought possible.

“Your happiness depends on you, and while it may not always be clear or it may seem like a dark path to walk, when we realize the light comes from within, the search for it elsewhere is no longer required.”

-Lisa J, “Define Your Happy and Walk Toward It

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  1. I have all my needs. To some they would think different. I have food on the table, roof over my head, several changes of clothes.
    I have a beautiful daughter, three wonderful grandchildren.
    Yes, that’s about it, I am happy!

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  2. Now that I have learned to expect less, I find I have more. I am want to call it contentment these days, as it lends it self better to an even keel. Not so many highs and lows….

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  3. For me I’m convinced life is like swimming to an ever receding island. If you stop you sink. But as hard as you swim you can never get to the island. It’s completely frustrating. Then slowly you realise that you can find smiles and happiness while you swim, it’s not all dependent on that island. Need to enjoy the journey.
    Down side to this is that I CANT SWIM…..but it’s the thought that counts.

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