“For me I’m convinced life is like swimming to an ever receding island. If you stop you sink. But as hard as you swim you can never get to the island. It’s completely frustrating. Then slowly you realise that you can find smiles and happiness while you swim, it’s not all dependent on that island. Need to enjoy the journey.”

“Down side to this is that I CANT SWIM…..but it’s the thought that counts.”

Gary, in the comments of Lisa’s inspirational quote

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  1. One of my poems, not about an island but about imagined journeys.

    Journey to an ever-changing sea

    Each of us has travelled our own thirsty roads
    to arrive in our own imagined seaside town
    and walked our own historical lanes
    in search of where we’ve been
    so that we might know where we are going.

    Can it be that the point of the journey
    is the journey itself
    and that our gravest danger
    is arriving at each town
    clinging to our memories of the last one?

    At the breakwater of our learning,
    we risk piling rock upon rock of yesterday,
    building marinas of the mind
    only to wake, breached,
    by the tidal wave of tomorrow.

    Let journeys bring us to the destinations they will
    and let the waves deliver the tide unguarded
    and we may yet see the purpose
    of a pointless compass
    in an ever-changing sea.

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