Desert Dreams

Swirling nighttime sand pummeled and rocked the old Suburban. Sequoia made for a poor windbreak, but Clara knew that was all they’d get.

“Mama?!” little Janey cried. “Papa?!”

“I got ‘er,” Dan said, stumbling over cans, blankets, and sleeping bodies to reach their youngest.

Clara settled back against the cold car wall. She needed to think. The endless roar of haunted desert souls echoed the wails in her mind, of the dying world they’d left behind.

“So,” Dan sat next to her and laced his fingers in hers. “What next?”

Clara narrowed her gaze, resolute. “I have a plan.”

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©2020 Chelsea Owens

Pictured for Carrot Ranch‘s prompt this week:

March 26, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story in which a character takes charge. Who is this character, and what situation calls for their action? It can be playful or serious, fantastical, or realistic. Go where the prompt leads!

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16 thoughts on “Desert Dreams

        1. 😀 Have you not seen a certain film with a certain amount of time travel and a robot? That’s mainly what I pictured whilst writing it, although I’m not certain where the family came from. 🙂

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              1. I can’t believe I didn’t get it – I love that movie! All of them, really, even Genesys (though I didn’t see the last one because apparently their marketing was garbage and I didn’t know it happened).


  1. Plans, chocolate, and maybe sweet potato chips?
    I don’t recall any of those movies. But I like that your character has a plan.
    I was just watching about how lawless Pompeii and its sister cities were…
    Some made it out but decided to go back for the family jewels and perished in the second wave of ash…

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