Someday We Will, by Pam Webb AKA Cricket Muse

“Celebrate your ‘somedays’ and the ‘somedays’ to come.”

My friend, Pam Webb, is PUBLISHED! Her beautiful picture book was inspired by her thinking of what she and her sweet granddaughter would do together, someday. As she points out in her video, the current quarantine situation means this book applies to everyone.

I cried.

Besides recommending this book because it’s excellent and I love my Cricket Muse, I am also sharing because she’s offering a free signed copy if you respond to her book launch post.

Congratulations, C’Muse. I couldn’t be more proud.

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  1. Thanks, Chelsea. I didn’t see that you left a someday hope in my comments. I can only imagine what you will want for your someday. Did you bring home some of the cupcakes for your brood?😉

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